Debunking some of the lies people say about me

You’re a virgin and no girl would ever be with you !

In fact, since I’ve started dating in 2006 I’ve had a  girl like me in 2007,  two relationships, one in 2009-2010 and one in 2012, as well as sex with 3 girls. The total number of girls I’ve kissed in life is over 15 now. Aaaaaand… I currently have a fuck buddy.

You only want sex! 

Actually, I would like a serious relationship and am constantly looking for it. The only reason I am just fuck buddies with this girl is because I can’t force myself to really like her. I am in no way content just because I’m getting sex now, just a little bit more relaxed.

You hate women and treat them badly ! 

I don’t hate women at all and treat all of them with respect. My motto is – you want respect, you give respect.

I have female friends and they all think I’m a great guy.In over 20 dates I’ve had there were only two cases where me and the woman had a bad opinion on each other – one early date in 2006 when I met a very shallow, talkative girl who I couldn’t relate to at all and who couldn’t stop talking about stuff I didn’t care about and one in 2013, when I had no chemistry with a girl and she reacted negatively to me telling her life story (to which she agreed to). In every other case the woman had a very good opinion on me. The only reason they wouldn’t be with me was the lack of chemistry.

You are an asshole and treat people badly!

This is absolutely wrong. Everybody who knows me in real life will tell you I’m an extremely polite guy – but a polite guy who doesn’t take any shit from anybody. Anybody who thinks I’m rude to all the commentators that should realize that I get so many rude messages that I actually thank those who are civil. Some of my commentators are feminists who are completely delusional and oppose normal male behavior like persuading a girl or having sex without willing to commit, while having no problem with such female behavior. I am rude to them because I know they despise me.

On the other hand , I do hate feminism and have no illusions about it – it’s no longer about equality of women, which has been achieved,  it’s simply a postmodernist denial of human nature and establishment of the totalitarian feminist police state. I am more and more convinced that  feminism resembles a psychiatric disorder related to psychopathy.

Also, I don’t like patronizing, which usually comes with nauseating political correctness and thinly veiled misandry.

It doesn’t mean I’m rude to everybody – be nice to me and I’ll be nice to you.

You’re lazy and expecting the government/parents to find you a girlfriend while doing nothing on your own!

Nonsense. What about those 20 dates I mentioned? Did government and parents find those for me? Also, I talked about my various attempts here. What is true is that I don’t meet a lot of women through work, that I never had a relationship with a woman from high school/college and that I don’t cold approach. It doesn’t mean

Your parents don’t want to introduce you to girls because you attacked them, because you are crazy or a danger to others ! They’re actually doing a socially responsible thing! 

Nonsense. They haven’t introduced me to any girls since I was 14, long before I had these ideas about government or attacked them. Also, I was never violent to any girl so I don’t see how I’m a danger to others. They’re actually doing the most socially irresponsible thing by not helping me – it’s their failure to help me that made me this way. DON’T CONFUSE CAUSE AND EFFECT !

You want incel to be recognized by the medical community !

Not true. Incel is merely a state, it’s cannot be a disease. Somebody being without any relationships or sex for years doesn’t mean he has a medical condition.  What I do want recognized by the medical community is Love-shyness, which is see as a specific phobia of approaching people of the opposite sex, initating romantic/sexual intimacy and, in some cases, a phobia of reciprocating romantic interest and romantic/sexual acts. This is much more specific than social phobia, as some idiots call it and should be treated by various means.

You have never really tried therapy and you asked your therapist to have sex with you !

Actually, I have tried therapy many times, starting when I was 15, for depression. I had various therapists, male and female, during the years. Each time I would take my meds and be honest with my therapists, who never understood incel and could never talk about it.

I asked one therapist, who was about 35 and very good looking, to have sex with me after months of therapy and at a time when I was a virgin with no prospects of that changing in sight. I don’t know what would have happened if she accepted it but I don’t regret asking it.  So she got uncomfortable: so what? It’s her job, and if she can’t deal with it, it’s her problem, not mine. Maybe she should find a different job, where everybody treats her just the way she wants every second of every day.

What were and still are the results of therapy for me? Some medication helped me a bit.

I was even committed once. What for? Depression. It only lasted for 5 days. Therapists knew better than random strangers online.

Talk therapy never achieved anything. Many therapists see themselves as defending the status quo, with the goal of putting people back into their boxes and making them acceptable to society.

Even though I am in therapy now  I don’t fit into the standard boxes anymore. That’s why I am very skeptical of the advice “Get therapy” because for better or worse, I am beyond that stage in life. Mentally, I am on my own, here in my own little world.

Also, it is known that therapy is like religion to every liberal. They will never give up on the idea, just like a religious person is unlikely to give up on his religion. They’ll keep introducing the idea over and over and eventually blame you because you don’t take therapy seriousy and don’t want to really commit. The point being, therapy is great, it’s your fault is it doesn’t work.

If you were to therapy you were declared extremely mentally ill !

In fact, my only diagnoses were extreme depression and some personality disorders, mostly BPD. I don’t believe in personality disorders much but whatever.

You want your parents to get girls to be with you! 

All I want my parents to do is introduce me to daughters of their co-workers or relatives who could introduce me to girls. That’s all I want. This is what they don’t do and it makes them murderers.

You attacked your parents ! 

One thing you have to know about me is that my incel used to make me extremely depression and unmotivated at times. When people who not only don’t understand incel but don’t want to help you for 10 years come shouting at you, calling you a loser, lazy,  telling you that your incel is all your fault and that you could find a girl anytime you wanted to, if you wanted to, all while trying to grab you by the head in order to “show you there’s nothing in it” you tend to get pretty mad. Anyway, they didn’t want to press charges against me, realizing they were assholes.

You wanted to rape your mother !

Actually, all I did was beg her for sex a couple of times I was very,  very frustrated and sex starved. I did not want to have sex with her any other time than those few times nor do I want to now.

You blackmailed a woman for sex ! 

This lie is often repeated by a couple of extremely stupid feminist women. Some have even called it rape and, sadly, I know they weren’t kidding. This is how sick feminists are, and, as Eivind Berge can tell you, this would actually be rape in countries like Norway… If I had really blackmailed her.

In fact, what happened is that this woman offered sex than changed her mind when I said that it will be weird having sex using condoms because the previous girl I had sex with was on the pill. Not that I wouldn’t have sex with her with a condom, like they claim, only that it will be kinda weird in the start. She immediately said she changed her mind. I then tried to persuade her for 3 hours (which is normal male behavior, not coercion) and when she eventually agreed to do it again she changed her mind once more. You know why? Because I asked her to write “brb” during our Facebook chats.  She just said she’s not gonna do it and that I should forget about her.

What many of you don’t understand is that she wasn’t doing this to Joe Average but to a guy who was incel for 10 years and whose only sexual experience prior to that was having sex with a girl twice for like 30 seconds.  I called her on the phone and cried, begging her not to treat me the way she did but she didn’t care about the stress she just put me through at all. So I called her again and insulted her, being rightfully angry.  After that I put just one of her pictures on this blog, without her name, location, anything, without calling her and telling her I will remove it if, just deciding to leave it up there out of sheer rage.

It was her who called me and offered sex to remove it. It was to be just one hour of sex, with no cuddling or kissing, and I was never to call her and contact her again. Of course I had to accept it. Only a person who doesn’t understand incel or a raging feminazi would say it wasn’t right to accept it. I would be insane not accept it. 

Saying I was a creep to accept is brazen hate, not just against incel men or generally lonely men, AGAINST ALL MEN AND THEIR SEXUALITY.

What these feminists, manginas and other scum don’t tell you is that our initial deal of one hour of sex with no cuddling or kissing turned into 5 hours with kissing and cuddling, that she was the one who broke the “no contact” part of the deal less than 24 hours later and that she was the one who wanted a relationship with me. That’s how “abused”, “coerced” and “blackmailed” she felt after. They will also not tell you that she admitted that her changes of mind were done just to get a kick out of torturing me but that she liked the sex when it happened. You might also read her comments here, unless you think I’ve written them myself, like Jessay thinks I did with those guys from Texas and her state 

But, of course they wont tell you all this. It doesn’t suit ther agenda.

You threatened to dox a woman !

I wouldn’t call it a threat but a warning. You see, there is  this woman, using a nickname Jessay, that is bent on discovering my real life information and posting them related to this blog. Not only is this illegal in most of the world, as any judge would see that by writing under a pseudonym I exercised my right of  staying anonymous on the Internet but extremely assholish.

Not only that, she wants to have me locked up ! 🙂


Of course, only a complete idiot could believe she would be able to do that. Even if she knew all my information, what could she do? Call hospitals? Police? My parents? All of them won’t even communicate with her  in English, institutions because they only communicate in native language unless specific need, but this need can only be recognized through offical channels, not some crazy bitch calling around from thousands of miles away and my parents can’t speak, read or conversate in English.

The only way to get any shrink to pay any attention to my blog is through a court order. In order for that to happen court, not district attorney, would have to start some kind of procedure against me and declare it necessary. In order for a criminal court (she can’t access the civil one because she wouldn’t be able to talk to any of relatives who might start the process of questioning my sanity, even if she knew who they were) to order a psychiatric evaluation I would need a procedure started against me, and the only one who can do that is a district attorney. In  order for a district attorney to start any process against me the police would first have to be warned. So, in order for the shrink the read this weeks later my local police department would first have to be contacted, which she can do only if she knew my info. And they even if they would find somebody to talk to in English what would the police find on this blog that is of any interest to them? Nothing at all.This is why even somebody as insane as Jessay didn’t call the Interpol, the only people who would look into this blog right now. She knows that there is nothing for them to find.

So, what would the real goal of this woman and her friends be? What would the end game be here? Well, it’s obvious. The only thing they could do is write some kind of “warnings” against me on the Internet, hoping that people will google it. In other words, their only real goal is to defame me. To stop me from getting girlfriends, jobs, friends, everything. That is ALL they’re about.

But not even that goal is achievable and I’ll  now explain why.

2 years ago somebody tried to defame me, a person I considered a friend. Luckily for me, I had another person’s name and picture as my Fb name at the time so that person, and not me, got defamed a lot. If he had seen my name just couple of weeks later I’d be fucked. I Initially didn’t care but when he started defaming other people I know I got very angry and eventually discovered who he was, over 6 months after that sicko started doing it. He got what he deserved, and so will any sociopath who thinks he has the right to fuck with me. Since then I have been hiding my online identity, using pseudonyms everywhere.

Still, I have screencapped and downloaded what I need. It’s the only way I could get revenge if somebody close to me betrays me and tells my info to these people, especially that woman . I can’t sue somebody that far away, I would if I could.

So don’t tell me I’m threatening anybody. I’m just trying to protect myself like any one of you would. I will never use it unless this woman and her friends want to harm me in real life- not phsysically, of course, but harm my real life reputation and, through that, the quality of my life (jobs, relationships etc):

Any questions, folks? Give me a chance to expand this… From now on I will just link this article to idiots who ask the same stupid questions and make same retarded lies all the time.

43 thoughts on “Debunking some of the lies people say about me

  1. “You wanted to rape your mother !

    Actually, all I did was beg her for sex a couple of times I was very, very frustrated and sex starved. I did not want to have sex with her any other time than those few times nor do I want to now.”


  2. So terrible that awful woman wants you locked away! I just want you to not be alive anymore, but locking you up is sooooo cruel!

    • “So terrible that awful woman wants you locked away! I just want you to not be alive anymore, but locking you up is sooooo cruel!”

      It’s not terrible or cruel, it’s retarded, since she can’t even get to my real name or location. And even if she could, what could she do?

      I don’t want you to be alive either.

      • GGF:
        I wouldn’t worry. Joran Vandersloot, convicted rapist and serial murderer managed to get one of his (many) female groupies pregnant during a conjugal visit recently in his prison cell.

        Joran Vandersloot, Ted Bundy, Charles Manson, James Holmes….yeah female hypergamy in action!

    • You’ve really done us women a favor by voluntarily selecting yourself out of the dating (& gene) pool. I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart.

    • Slimer:
      I realize that I (and other MGTOWs) have done you women a great service. Now, you’re free to chase thugs, bums, and retards without any interference from us ‘boring nice guys.’ Not only that, but you can knock out all the feral offspring into the gene pool with them that you want to (or choose to abort) without the slightest worry about a productive man having to pay for any of it.

      Feminist empowerment sure has done you grrrlz a lot of good, hasn’t it? LOL

  3. “You don’t see ‘offering sex in order to get her picture taken down’ as blackmail or coercion?”

    I would, you disgusting liar, if I were the one who offered it. But that wasn’t the case, you pathetic homo. I guess I am to blame because she offered it instead of choosing to sue or just ignore it, you stupid pussy.

    “Begging her for hours and hours and then insulting her?”

    Oh, go fuck yourself. It’s DISGUSTING I have to explain this for 2313243243th time, and this time to a fucking quisling like you, who goes to “defend” this cunt who said she did it to torture me instead of saying I did the right thing like a man should! Scum! I was begging her for hours once she changed her mind because it’s a normal thing for a male who wants sex to do, idiot. Also, the only reason why I begged her for that long is the fact that she talked to me for 3 hours. But I guess I coerced her into that too, you pussy? Nothing is ever a woman’s choice to you feminists, except when she refuses a guy. Also, I insulted her when she changed her mind and said she wants to have sex again just to decline once more because I asked her to write “brb” when she’d go away from chats for 15 minutes and more. You fucking moron.

    “I’m a guy and you are fucking disgusting. Every single thing you have written makes me sick to my stomach.”đ

    Empty phrases… If you read this entire blog and every single thing I’ve written makes you sick to your stomach you’re retarded, dude.

    “What kind of man begs their own mother for sex? Seriously, think about that. Someone with so little respect for women he sexually abuses his own mother.”

    A very sexually frustrated men who’s been incel for 10 years does! This has nothing to do with how much respect women in general.

    “What a top bloke you are.”

    At least I’m not a pussified mangina faggot like you, mate !

    “Protip, arsehole: Women aren’t obligated to give you jack shit. They are not walking vaginas. ”

    Show me where I said something like this, faggot !

    “They can tell how desperately creepy and gross you are.”

    Especially those I was in a relationship with or fucked !

    “Do everyone woman in the world a favour and buy a fleshlight, and stay away from them.”

    You think that would make your miniscule chances with women a tiny bit bigger?

    • Someone is defensive! Maybe because you know I’m right.

      Grow up. Live in the real world. Throwing sexist and homophobic insults is not how an adult behaves.

      Maybe you should ask your mum how well she thinks you treat women.

      • Throwing personal attacks after your pathetic points have been debunked means you go on moderation on this blog. Throw some more to be banned permanently !!!! I know you can do it !!!

        How are you right? Because you actually engaged my points and debunked them?

        “Maybe you should ask your mum how well she thinks you treat women.”

        I prefer asking women I do fuck.

    • Zack:
      Can you give us all even ONE good reason why men should pursue women in the first place? I’d really like to hear how a relationship benefits a man in any way whatsoever…LOL

  4. How Susan Atkins and her marriage in jail (in addition to other romances there), and more recently Jodi Arias and her budding relationship with a man who is following her trial on TV and actually went to seek her out in jail?

    Merely two examples of dangerous women who have no dearth of suitors.

  5. Can you give us all even ONE good reason why men should pursue women in the first place? I’d really like to hear how a relationship benefits a man in any way whatsoever

    Given the resoundingly negative and borderline paranoid attitude towards women that you’ve expressed here many, many times, I’m not at all convinced that a relationship one would benefit you specifically (and it certainly wouldn’t benefit her), so you’re probably best off not pursuing one.

    On the other hand, the last dozen or so years have been amongst the happiest of my life, largely because I’m married to someone who’s genuinely my closest friend, is the first person I turn to if I want to discuss anything from the weather to politics to complicated personal problems, and who has exactly the same life goals that I do – so it’s not just a marriage in law but one in day-to-day practice as well.

    Quite aside from the usual mutual-support reasons (not least to do with the responsibilities of bringing up our kids together) and the fact that we still seem to be on exactly the same sexual wavelength, I’m particularly grateful to her at the moment because she’s become the main family breadwinner while I pursue a longstanding dream of mine – something that wouldn’t have been possible if I’d been on my own, as I wouldn’t be earning enough in the first couple of years to support myself, let alone a family.

    But the crucial thing is that I got married for the right reasons to someone I actually wanted to spend the rest of my life with. Most of the failed marriages involving people I know foundered because of unrealistic expectations or the surprisingly common belief that getting married is a way to patch up a relationship that isn’t actually working that well – whereas in fact this is just about the worst thing you can do.

    • Gojira:
      Or, to summarize your argument: forget yourself, bow down to the white goddess, and everything will work out fine…

      Somehow, I don’t think that happens in real life…

  6. I’m not a psychologist (nor do I play one on TV) but from what I’ve gathered from reading several of your posts you seem to have a textbook case of BPD. Ironically, it’s common for people with BPD to not believe they have it because they’ve often been receiving ineffective mental health treatment for years before they are diagnosed. I don’t think “incel” is the root of your problems. Your poor history of social interaction was probably a symptom of or catalyst to developing your mental health problems. It’s normal for a lot of people to not have sex until their twenties (myself included) and most of them aren’t scarred by it.

    I have Depression and Social Anxiety myself so I know firsthand how crappy mental healthcare can be. I can’t afford real therapy so I have to rely solely on meds and get them by having an impersonal 15 minute conversation with my psychiatrist every few months. It sucks, a lot. You’ll never be completely cured but you can’t get better until you recognize the true source of your problems. You have a medical condition just like cancer or the flu, and it’s not your fault. I think instead of trying to start a government dating service your time would be better spent advocating for improvements in mental healthcare where you live.

    • “I think instead of trying to start a government dating service your time would be better spent advocating for improvements in mental healthcare where you live.”

      But that will not solve my incel or any other incel’s problems. I never heard of a single incel who was helped by therapy.

      • Finding a girlfriend won’t solve your problems either. You may feel better at first but it would only be temporary. Your problems will still be there once you come down from that new relationship high.

      • I didn’t choose to be mentally ill; it runs in my family. My medication allows me to function day to day. I don’t know how you can see yourself as being a nice man. Nice people don’t ridicule others for being ill (& yes the commenters that that mock GGGF for it are wrong too). You don’t dismiss GGGF for his mental health problems; why don’t you extend the same courtesy to women?

      • Slimer:
        First of all, I don’t see GGGF as mentally ill. As psychologist Viktor Frankl wrote: ‘An abnormal reaction to an abnormal situation is normal behavior.’ Feminism has created a sexual environment scarcely different from famine conditions; and it isn’t unusual for men in such a state to say or do things that under normal circumstances would seem unusual.

        ‘Nice people don’t ridicule others for being ill.’

        Did you know that, statistically speaking, American women lead every other demographic worldwide in consumption of prescription psychiatriac dope? Would I be a ‘nice guy’ if I shacked up with some Amphetamine Annie and knocked out a half dozen feral kids with her? NOT

        • “First of all, I don’t see GGGF as mentally ill.”

          I am mentally ill in that I have depression. I don’t believe in personality disorders very much because I had different ones diagnosed by different shrinks- some hard science there

          The thing is, various haters or just plain douchebags are playing doctor online and think I should be institutionalized for my opinions alone.

      • GGGF:
        Depression, though, is often caused by situational conditions. When a person has a problem and sees no solution, he often gets depressed. It’s normal to feel that way; I’ve heard of scientists who’ve suffered depression while struggling with a complicated problem. I don’t think that depression is always an illness (though sometimes it has biological causes); usually it goes away once the problem is resolved.

        American women though are mostly just junkies who imagine they are sick so they can drop amphetamines and barbituates legally.

  7. Wow…I told a shrink about my incel and she laughed at me….so I threatened to beat her to death with her chair…lolz…as it turns out…she has sex with another shrink….rubs hands….;)…she said maybe your assexual…and smirked. Bitch. Yes I was arrested quite quickly….fun story…police ignored me….so I said hey…I’m over here…and they said…no..this must be some mistake….psychiatry has ruined many lives.

  8. I’ve been seeing shrinks since I was 8 years old due to pedophilia….psychiatry is a joke….almost thirty years of .bs….if I had all the millions wasted on me…I’d be rich.

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