I know I’m breaking my promise, but just a couple of points…

This will be a short post about the dox nonsense and the person who started it, hopefully for the last time.

So, this person I’ve talked about in a couple of my last posts showed up and tried to comment. I haven’t read her comments before I deleted them, but saw a couple of things by accident I want to comment on,  just like I want to comment on something this person whose posts I deleted did….

1. You should have known by now that I will never allow you to post here again. Who would allow that to a person that publically said she wants to publish their info they want to hide?

2. I didn’t read all of the 8 posts you tried to publish, just part of one of them, so if any of them contains your attention to give up on what you wanted I do not know this at the time. If you are serious about this attention e-mail me..

3. You claim that the poster from your state is actually me – this isn’t true and you know it was very easy to see which state you’re from simply by googling your nickname (maybe even from your nickname before I deleted your posts if it could be clicked on, I don’t remember now because it didn’t matter to me then). This blog has thousands of lurkers lately, somebody could have done all that. Of course it’s possible that some of them would hate feminists and see what you’re trying to do as deplorable.

4. You claim me banning you was cowardice – no, I engaged your points a couple of times at great length and would be engaging some you made in the comments if it weren’t for what you’re trying to accomplish.  Not that it would change your mind because your retarded dogmas are set in stone but I’d try if I’d be up to it. Your friends on the site you posted your some of crap on banned me despite me never having the same attention you had and even lied that I threatened your life. This is what a person who banned me said: Lol, threatening people’s lives? Particularly Jess’s?Why don’t you spend all your post-banned days (because I’m banning you RN,) searching for your lost balls so that maybe you can one day behave like a grown ass man.

It was in a reply to THIS- Jessay, I’ve tried to leave a reply but for some reason my every attempt was marked as spam. I’ll probably leave it on my blog then., left because my longer posts kept being marked as spam so I finally had to try and leave them as about 10 short ones, which succeeded.

And, no, the rest of the of the posts contained no death threats at all. The entire post was While the amount of crazy in your previous writings doesn’t make me surprised at the fact you’re once again raising your empty head for another stab of utter nonsense and lunacy despite the thorough beating you have already received, where I was able to prove, usually by simply copy pasting parts of my blog and and some other sites or calling for non-existent evidence, that your entire paragraphs were not strawmen but completely insane fabrications (and which you understood nothing of) I have decided not to reply to your entire post because I don’t want to bother scrolling down further down than the title and the part of text I had to see under it. You’ve still managed to cram in enough crazy there for a couple of lifetimes so I will just destroy your twisted sentences which look to be coming from a blowing bubble toy before getting to my main point.
So, you start by saying that you will now take us on a journey to the wonderful world of ~*incel*~. This word, simply a colloquial name for involuntary celibacy, an understandable concept, which could just as easily be called datelessness and thereby written like any other word is being decorated with both tildes and asterisks, as if it’s a neologism coined in October 2012, and not a word used for decades by communities of involuntary celibates, more and more used in both PUA, MRA and feminist circles and and something that members of Manboobz already have a bingo about for years http://25.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_m8bm8kqm531rv7g55o1_500.png. Bonus points for those who realized that the word marked with an asterisk could mean either “unattested” or “impossible”, which is how this scum sees incel, since she never had to live a day being incel and even claims it’s a movement rather than a condition despite the fact that only sites constantly talking about incel are two relatively obscure forums, an even more obscure site called and some obscure blogs http://www.involuntarycelibacy.com/. Some movement !
Jessay, you couldn’t take somebody on a journey through your own room, let alone through a condition you confuse with a movement and about which you have no idea since you’ve never been incel, never read incel forums (which is even understandable, as one of them has nothing to do with incel, being just a house of feminism and lies and the other one is way too misogynistic for an extremist like you), all of which you prove by gems like “ This is the blog of a 24 year old man who clams he is “incel” or involuntarily celibate. The definition of which is that while he wants to be having sex, he cannot find a partner to have sex with. Incel is a problematic online subculture of sorts filled with self-indulgent men who are blaming all of their problems on their lack of a sex life.“ made in your previous horrible, debunked tirade against incels and me personally.
Then you ramble about friend zone. In popular culture, the “friend zone” refers to a platonic relationship wherein one person wishes to enter into a romantic relationship, while the other does not. In Jessay’s demented mind it’s a male conspiracy, a term coined by male creepers which makes women icky. All are pretty much aware of it at this point.
Than you come to defining incel. You have changed your definition from your posts just couple of days ago, where you say, I repeat “ The definition of which is that while he wants to be having sex, he cannot find a partner to have sex with.“
You go on by saying that women aren’t allowed to be incel. Allowed? Who doesn’t “allow“ women to be incel? They either are or aren’t. It’s just more nonsense, victim language by a piece of shit who sees women as victims everywhere, anytime.
Next we find out that incel is not only a movement but an idea !

“ It’s sad that some people can’t find love no matter how hard they try. However, several incel men are especially pathetic and kind of scary that make the concept just as rage-worthy as the friend zone, if not more. “

You disgusting whore. You make a feeble attempt of appearing human by saying it’s sad that some can’t find love. Then you call several incel men ESPECIALLY (thereby even more pathetic than the rest incel men) pathetic, thereby making a pejorative directly referring to the previous sentence,. This is how empathetic you are and how “sad“ you think it is.

“Let’s discuss the basic concept of his theory. He believes that governments should use valuable tax money, not to fund schools or feed the starving, but to help him get laid. He proposes a plan that he somehow can’t see anything wrong with, where the government pays women to go out on dates with incel guys. I’ll let him spell it out for you.“

The problem is that you aren’t capable of discussing it since you keep lying and perverting everything. I never said that program would be more important than funding school or feeding the starving. Also, you keep personally attacking me as if the blog is about my problems alone. It doesn’t matter if I get laid or not. The program is about finding relationships, you piece of shit. The problem is that incel men are killing themselves and having health problems due to their incel which actually cost a lot more than my proposed program would. The fact of history is that certain social groups through time have managed to gain recognition and demand institutional rights. Incel is nowhere near what you call a movement now but incels will organize and demand rights like any other endangered group.

Now coming to my main point

“Leading the pack is an anon guy from some small country (a million internets for whoever can track this guy down and figure out who he actually is because the public needs to be warned), who goes by the username governmentsgetgirfriends.“

You have revealed yourself as a person willing to break the law to try to harm people you dislike. I never once said that the public needs to be warned about an crazy, extremist feminist bitch by figuring out who she really is.
I haven’t read other comments and don’t intend to so I’ll take it that you’re the person willing to “warn the public“. Of course, this has nothing to do with warning the public (my government, who I mostly blame for inaction, not some “public“ has already received dozens of letters from me and will receive more) . Just like other extreme feminists, for example those at Atheism+, your goal is to intimidate, cause duress and try to destroy your perceived opponent by illegal means. You are a pure fundie, a person led by hate. Even Lietelle, from whose blog you’re coming from, has a strict policy against doxing of any kind. You, on the other hand, would encourage it and likely even post my information. Just like with almost any extreme feminist, your goals show a lack of any long term planning and vision, they’re just pure brutality. So, let us hypotetically say you do find my info, that all of it will be up to date, that you will be able to contact my friends or family, that I will not be able to obscure things by using hundreds of different machinations and that people I’m around are fools (I don’t even have to tell you how impossible a combination of even two of these things is) and you manage to drive people, especially potential partners, away from me. Wouldn’t that be going back to the same reasons why the blog was started? That would endanger society, not “protect“ it. Because your goal isn’t anybody’s protection, it’s just a bullshit lie for your violence – you just want to harm me because you disagree with me.
So, let me tell you a story. Couple of years ago there was this “genius“ of similar mental capabilities and pure hatred similar to yours and he tried to do the same thing. What happened was that while his info on me was eventually deleted from every site he tried to defame me on he was discovered and he has a big problem for almost two years now – his page 1, rank 1 result is extremely defamatory material, for example a full frontal picture of his face, which he cannot even obscure in any way by changing his looks because of the fucking color of his skin, unless he were to become another M. Jackson. About 4-5 results on page 1 are defamatory material on him, including the names of both of his parents with their address and phone number, his university, I even decided to add facebook profiles of people he was in pictures with.
So, what would be the best thing for you is to to forget me and my blog, from which you were banned from because of this, just like you had all your crap deleted.
You are currently on my watch list. If you become a threat to me I will become a threat to you. Just a word to the wise.

Even the biggest idiot on planet would see I’m talking about the fact that the last person who tried to dox me was punished by being doxed himself and saying she might suffer the same. Not threatening anybody’s life, especially not that of a person from another continent!!! I once again call upon your friends to make the thread public if they dare.

You’re the last one to talk about any free speech, which you want to silence all the time.

5.I see you have removed your location from one of your profiles. Too late, as I now know who you are and have already prepared for a possible dox war (took screencaps, downloaded what needeed to be downloaded etc), which you will see if you start it. However, I have no idea why you did that if you DIDN’T WANT TO GO TO ONE? I said it dozens of times and will say it again- NOTHING WILL HAPPEN TO YOU UNLESS YOU TRY TO FUCK WITH ME IRL. WRITE A THOUSAND MORE ARTICLES ON ME, SAYING I REPRESENT ALL INCELS AND THAT I AM A LEADER OF THEIR NON-EXISTENT MOVEMENT, WHERE YOUR MIND FOLLOWERS APPLAUD YOU AND WHICH I WILL NOT COMMENT ON ANYMORE. THAT’S PERFECTLY FINE. BE THAT RETARDED. JUST DON’T FUCK WITH ME IRL.. But, like I said, I don’t know your reasons and I’m not the one to call on you to bring it back.

6. If somebody other than you starts to dox me and I can’t pinpoint who the offender is and that he has nothing to do with you, as well as who he is, you will be blamed. Sorry, it’s just something you brought upon yourself.

Once again, I really, really hope this will be an end to this nonsense and I can go back to posting on incel.

EDIT- just saw the whore’s latest material. I’ll just comment on the law part – I’m not familiar with your state’s law but in most places on Earth any reasonable judge would see that posting comments I made under a nickname connected to my real name found somewhere else is defamation, you stupid bag of shit. The amount of illness… She wants me locked up. Jesus fucking christ. She has no intention of stopping at all. But all you’re gonna achieve is that you’re never gonna work again, anywhere, EVER. Also, don’t tell me crap like “But you’re only the one who agrees with this”. I don’t see anybody debating my points against you and trying to defend you except one guy who said you didn’t explicitly say I will dox you and has a problem with gendered insults. That’s your “defense”? That’s all “defense” you’re getting, and it amounts to none. Also, scum, stop saying that people who defend me are actually me – I’m honest and allow practically every comment to be approved, and you have the guts to call me a weasel?



I wouldn’t debate you even if you didn’t want a dox war between us. You keep making the same arguments over and over instead of addressing what I’ve debunked and you lie, lie constantly. I would make more sense to debate a cat, she’d make the same sounds over and over and react predictably to certain moves of mine just like you do to certain expressions. If I said you’re the one who can make me dox you it’s not abusers logic, cunt. Am I not making you dox me now? With my words? Am I not making you? So how’s that not abuser logic too, you brainless moron, “He made me do it”?
How the fuck can you say it’s not ok to dox a moron who tried to dox you first without any provocation but that it’s ok to dox somebody who never did a fucking thing to you in your life?
You’re full of such examples, you’re not even a human being, just a set of learned PC bullshit stuck in an rotten brain on what I now see is an ugly head. FUCK YOU.

3 thoughts on “I know I’m breaking my promise, but just a couple of points…

  1. hey maybe you missed this, but part of what I talked to you about yesterday was asking you some questions. so here they are again.

    1) what caused you to be incel? some incel people blame it on women, some blame their parents, but none blame themselves for being standoffish, unkempt, possibly ugly and cruel (I haven’t seen pictures of you so I can’t assume) but it seems like you blame your parents the most. am i wrong?
    2) if incels like you can stop being incel on their own, why do they need government programs to help them? why not start your own company and make a million dollars helping other incels find partners?
    3) what is your romantic goal in life? fuck a lot of women, get married to one and have babies? when will you know your quest is complete and you no longer are incel or threatened by incel ways?

  2. You’re worse than him with this bullshit. Just ignore him. Also, the only diagnoses I got were severe depression and a couple of personality disorders, lately BPD. That’s not nearly enough to qualify somebody as mentally disturbed. What about your own boundaries?

  3. Suffering from severe depression is, by definition, being mentally disturbed. I don’t even need to go into the many, many other pieces of supporting evidence that you’ve helpfully provided over the past few weeks.

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