A letter on the anniversary of my last arrest

Court Tribunal of -xxx-


Since the behavior of the author of this appeal from 5 to 7 August 2008. was motivated by the impossibility of finding another girl;

Since the on October 1, 2008 judge -xxx-, who the author of this appeal found attractive enough to sleep with him, declined to do so and even threatened punishment for repetition of such request, promised that the problem of not being able to find girls will be solved by a social worker and a psychiatrist, when in reality both officals were not only people without any moral and intellectual integrity and unable to give such help but were completely ignorant of her promises, saying dangerous and extreme sentences that the author must find a girl himself;

Since attempts of further written communications with the judge, ie attempts to warn the judge that her promises went unheeded received no reply and the attempt to see the judge in person was refused by the guards on court premises, from which I was escorted off ;

Since every verbal and written warning by author of the judge’s promises and the problems caused by the inability to find partners been met with disbelief, ridicule and derision;

Because psychiatric treatment of the author has not given any results, and it is pure quackery because positive results can not achieve in the circumstances of permanent deprivation any intimate contact;

Because the author’s attempts to find a partner on his own initiative often result in particularly traumatic failures;

As the result of continued deprivation author’s mental decay continues, the results of which dark moods, low success at work and other areas and a huge amount of frustration;

And since it is a fact that described omissions endanger the author’s life;

he is forced to turn to this letter and ask that his requirements should be met as soon as possible.

Firstly, I call that court personnel work on finding an effecient program for finding girls to the autor of this text within 14 days of the receival of this a program which would not involve coercion of females, but have modalities for their meeting and attracting by the author of the text;

Secondly I invite the that the court appointed social worker -xxx- and and psychiatrist -xxx- inform Judge -xxx- of ignorance and consequential failure to fulfill her promise of October 1, 2008. and that the responsibility for this failure be reviewed and decided by a public prosecutor;

Thirdly, I call on all responsible authorities to warn my parents that they should, in case of their refusal of further assistance and insistence on impossible solutions, such as that the author finds the girl himself or that he should, contrary to allbiological and evolutionary needs of a common human being, give up the desire for a girl (?!) be subject to criminal prosecution for murder;

I am determined to terminate suffering, uncertainty and frustration, that has with some very short interruptions, tortured for me for 10 years, and that increased exponentially in the last 4-5 years to the point that it now threatens my life, and that psychiatric treatment is not able to remove.

Silence on these requirements is a moral and legal act of murder of the author of the Proclamation. It will represented a threat to the author’s life since he is suffering from a difficult problem that spans over a decade, and will in that case be forced to take take extraordinary measures such as hunger strikes and renewed protests in front of the offical buildings.

Signature of the appellant

Signature of Recipient:

In -xxx-, 10 February 2013.

I was going to send this but now I have found this girl… Still, I’ll send it. These shitbags have done nothing for me in so many years.

18 thoughts on “A letter on the anniversary of my last arrest

  1. You do realize you’re spouting hot air, right? If you think the government is going to even give the dust off their shoes for dateless people, you are sorely wrong. I honestly hope you realize your big scandal about the whole wanting to fuck your mother and get them jailed was a severe wrong, and honestly I feel more than sad for you. I want you to fucking ban me before I can post more, because I want to ignore your sorry existence in your earth. You certainly dun goofed.

      • No, I’m just confused. In a previous post where you talked about messaging people on dating sites, you posted a copy of your profile and said you were -xxx-.

        Now I know you’re just bullshitting me for no reason, probably to troll. I just posted what my ad on the profile says, I would never so dumb as to post a copy of my fucking profile or say which part of Europe I’m from.

    • Look, I don’t know if you’re a troll or just insane but where in that post do I mention anything about -xxx-? You’re already on moderation, I know you posted that I should try suicide again with your other nickname and now you’re wasting my time with this nonsense. You’re close to being the second person banned from this blog.

  2. Hehe…this post clearly shows this guy is a troll. 8/10 for the effort man…but still…just stop writing. Trolling is fucking immature and using it to mask the inner sense of emptiness you have is not helping.

  3. Blog posts not able to convince people of the legitimacy of your delusional views? Retype it up in character as a lawyer, maybe it will come off as intellectual or something and not just BATSHIT CRAZY.


  4. If you want I’ll draw up a nice legal document and give you a nice Kevorkian mercy killing. At this point it’s just a late abortion considering you haven’t done anything with your life except make a nuisance of yourself.

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