Criminals wanting to contact criminals to commit more… yeah, crimes

I see I was banned on Jessay’s ( a feminist woman who used to post here before she decided she wants to “warn the society” about me, ie harass those she disagrees with out of pure hatred) article while others were left to stomp on me. Another fine example of liberal tolerance. Nice work, bigots. I’m not the one who expressed the desire to illegally dox somebody, unlike Jessay, who has no problem with the idea that this behavior would be against the law. No problem at all.

So, let me see if I get this right? I’m supposed to be doxed so that I can get help I am BEGGING FOR IN TEARS AND NOT GETTING almost everyday from my parents and my government. They are supposed to see this blog? They would find it strangely familiar- they’re heard these things told to them in letters and in person many times for many years.

She and a some other deluded fools want to dox me and “save me”… or my parents… or my government… whatever. They want to get me help from the government and parents I am asking for and not getting every day and tell them about what I write in this blog, which I’ve told my parents to their faces many times and written to my government at least 15 times. Of course it makes perfect sense, doesn’t it !?

You are willing to ask help from people who I’ve not only asked for help a million times but who are the worst kind of criminals, brutally torturing me for 10 (parents) and 5 (government) years. Horrible crimes they have committed and they’re still walking the streets.

Every normal person would LAUGH at still letting me being the only one in charge of my dating life after the warning of 2008 events. Of course, then even bigger tragedies happened, like being in an 8 month sexless relationship, when, after being left my the girl, I collapsed totally. Amazingly, these psychos are still expecting the same thing, and it is 2013 (!!!!!!). This defies any reason, any common sense, any humanity…. It’s just pure murder. . In any human justice system they would be exectuted long ago, starting with the judge who released me after a month in prison, when I cried, begging her to give me 10 or more months in just to FUCK ME LATER. I fell on my knees and cried and yet this beast did nothing but laughed and said I might meet a girl outside today- who knows? That was the reaction of that murderous animal.

I have sent so many proposals for their trial, both the court members, the government members and parents, even drawing special courtrooms where they would sit. And nobody did a thing?!

You want me to get therapy? I am getting therapy, once a month. I can’t afford a private shrink. So what is the problem? I am getting free therapy and you’re still not happy? I would have to change shrink after shrink until I’m magically cured, and if I’m not it’s my fault for not trying hard enough. I’m happy with my guy. What can he do?

There are those of you who would have me in a mental hospital. Why? For refusing to be a sexless worker bee like most of society expects me to? No, I will never be your worker bee! It’s so pathetically sick…. One one hand you liberal scum worship therapists like Gods, on the other hand you’re prejudicing their decision about whether or not I should be institutionalized. Fuck, you’re predjudicing that they should even make a decision! Your behavior is insanity inside of insanity, parroting of political correctness no matter the price in tears, blood and suffering.

I saw men dying because of incel. Governments never did a thing.

Dangerous? I never killed anybody. I attacked dangerous criminals and, trust me, if you were incel for 10 years like I was you’d know that they are dangerous criminals who torture their child. On the other hand, their parents/families and governments killed thousands of incels. I remember Breivik. Governments kill that many incels in a week and even get scolded for not tightening their budgets enough by international institutions.

So, yeah, try to contact these dangerous, vile people who are killing a person for 10 years. If, by some miracle (because, let’s face it, your only true goal is to harass and shut your opponents down) you do succeed, they will be extremely interested in helping me, like they did up to now.

18 thoughts on “Criminals wanting to contact criminals to commit more… yeah, crimes

  1. I see a lot of “they won’t help me” floating around your blog. Might I suggest just “biting the bullet” so to speak? Rejection is a part of life, man. You will be told no in your life time, as I’m sure you know. But the illogicality that it rests on your government to find you a partner is preposterous. It’s survival of the fittest – if you aren’t “fit” enough to pass along your seed, is this not natural selection? I understand your drive for human interaction, but your endeavors seem misdirected and born from self-loathing or the loathing of other’s rejection(s) of you. It’s a bit crazy sounding and not well conveyed. I understand, as a whole, your point here. Otherwise – you may want to assess your point of view as it seems terribly flawed. Best of luck in your future, I do wish you well.

    • No, I don’t think such studies were ever done, and in any case it would be pretty hard to do one, if anything from a methodological standpoint. Also, they haven’t died of incel but psychological consequences of it. What I do know is that a member of my immediate family did it because of incel (which was widely talked about as a cause and seen as immature and terribe as he was in his mid 20s, I was too young to really have an opinon and saw the poor guy maybe once), that my friend witnessed a a 20 year-old throwing himself off a building due to unrequited love (confirmed by those close to him) that a member of a certain incel forum commited suicide in 2009 after deciding he does not want to live anymore as a 35 year-old virgin (his friend logged in and told the story, seemed legit), as well as the fact that a friend of certain poster on an incel forum committed suicide due to being a shy virgin in late 30s. There were also a couple of suicide attempts on those sites as well,

      This is not an attempt to provide ancedotal evidence but I deduce that couple of thousands of incels in the world die every year to suicide.

    • I don’t beat them, I’ve attacked them once. Besides, I had every moral right to kill them as they’ve been murdering their child for 10 years, thus expunging themselves from law. They have never been arrested and sentenced due to corrupt, evil, criminal judges and the government and police force which deserve the same attributes. It was always me who was dragged to the police vehicles when I was protesting that the government should recognize incel as a disease. And I’ve begged my mother to fuck in a moment of utter desperation.

  2. I want you to know that I have read everything you have written on this blog. You often criticize your critics for not reading the whole story. So I’m telling you now, I have read everything.

    I am a woman. I am roughly your age. I have been sexless for a couple of years, and not by choice. I am like you in a lot of ways. I understand how deeply agonizing this kind of loneliness can be. And I do mean really, truly agonizing. I often want to die.

    You’ve turned your frustration and anger outwards. You have blamed the government, your family, and the women you have dated. You have blamed them all for the way YOU feel.

    Sometimes I feel angry like that. Sometimes I feel like blaming the media, because they propagate an unattainable standard of beauty. It kills me to know that I will never, ever look half as pretty as women in magazines and on television, no matter what I do. And it makes me angry when I think about how much money is made off of women’s hatred of their bodies. Sometimes I feel angry at the boy who molested me when I was a little girl, because I think maybe everything would have turned out differently if he hadn’t done that. Sometimes I feel angry with the men who have broken my heart over the years, because their rejection has made me feel like the scum of the Earth. And I will not go into the details here, but suffice it to say that men have been brutal to me thus far.

    Now. My case is in no way exceptional; in fact, I am the vast majority. The way I feel is the way most women feel at one point or another. Some feel it only for a little while; some feel that way for years, or forever, or whatever. It doesn’t matter. What matters is that FEELING agonizingly lonely and misunderstood and unloved and rejected and abused is COMPLETELY AND UTTERLY NORMAL. Being lovelorn is part of life. It is a part of everyone’s life. It only differs by degrees.

    What is not normal, and not okay (as I see it), is the way your feelings are finding expression. You have so much resentment–towards your family, or your national government, or women in general. You are lashing out at the world, begging the world to solve what is ultimately a personal problem. It is a personal problem because EVERYONE MUST DEAL WITH THESE THINGS. Everyone has to figure out how to have romantic relationships. Nobody is born knowing it, and everybody must learn, and it fucking hurts. But you are petitioning the government for a solution to one of life’s fundamental problems. It’s like complaining to the government because they haven’t figured out how to stop people from growing old. It’s like blaming your parents for the fact that all men are mortal.

    All I’m really trying to say is that your anger is totally misguided. You are directing it towards people who are in no position to help you. Nobody can solve this for you, because your relationship with love/sex/intimacy/whatever is YOURS ALONE. Each and every one of us must solve the problem alone. Does this make sense?

    And people do figure these things out. For some people it comes easily. For people like you and me, it does not. And I know that sometimes can feel like suicide is this cliff off in the distance, and we’re just barreling towards it with no means of stopping. But it’s not true. All you need is to break your momentum a little bit. And you do that by stopping, and thinking, and beginning to unravel the threads of anger and misery and self-loathing and disappointment that have gotten so tangled up together.

    I am working on untangling the mess in my head that nearly sent me over that cliff. And I think that you need to do the same. I do believe that you are every bit as unhappy as you claim to be. And I have no desire to see anybody suffer, truly. But you will continue to suffer unless you choose a different path, because right now, you are crying out for help to a world that CANNOT help you.

    There are other ways. I would be happy to talk to you about them if you want to hear.

    • This dumb fuck won’t read any intelligence into your post. He’s a mom-fucking cum bubble. We should encourage him to fucking kill himself, not offer him help. Fucking retards.

      • Listen, he’s clearly not dumb. He’s tremendously ill. I have things I want to say to him, so I’m going to say them. If I want to offer him help, I will. And while I’m at it, I’ll tell you that I think it’s pretty fucking cruel of you to twist the knife like that.

        • You think somebody who’s been through everything I’ve been (most of it isn’t yet written in great detail though I’ve talked about my life in a post) cares or gets upset about some comments on the Internet? If I didn’t want his comment I wouldn’t approve it.

          I will reply to your first, long comment later.

      • “This guy is bat shit insane and anyone who doesn’t think he should be ducking sterilized is insane right along with him.”

        Surely I’m not bat shit insane. All of my arguments are correct if you understand incel.

        “This is an individual who would probably commit terrible acts upon a woman given the chance.”

        I have that chance every day, Reateresjaj. In fact, when this girl was in my home I’ve asked her if she has told anybody that she was coming to my place or given anybody my address. When she said she hasn’t I told her she should be more careful about things like that and she said that I just didn’t seem like a dangerous guy. This isn’t some paranoid country like US is and I’m glad about it but she really should be more careful about all of this. Than I mutilated her and chopped her to pieces !!!!! No, just kidding. I didn’t… We just had sex.

        “Just look what he does to his own mother, the sick fuck.”

        You mean the woman who didn’t want to stop be from being incel for 10 years, thus inflicting unimaginable pain and health problems that I will suffer from the day I die?

        I’d love to skin you alive, GovernmentsGetGirlfriends. Just to show you what it’s really like to be murdered. One. Slice. At. A. Time.

        Filthy meat sack cunt.

        Well, this says more about you than me but let me tell you something about myself… I’d much rather go through that once than 10 years of incel.

  3. Hmm. About your parents. If we, say, lived in a society where parents were obligated to take their son to a prostitute to give him sexual confidence, and in general try to send girls his way, then you would have an argument, but not an argument that they are killing you. In western societies, parents are obligated to feed their kids. If your parents stopped feeding you at 14, then child protective services would be called and you would be taken away where you would be fed. Your parents wouldn’t be sentenced to death, but they might go to jail for a couple of years (for neglect). And that is despite the fact that we’re preoccupied with seeing child abuse everywhere.

  4. Anna is absolutely right – this is not your parents’ responsibility, and it certainly isn’t your government’s responsibility. Blaming them is not only a complete waste of your time, but it also diverts your attention away from the real source of the problem. It also makes it easy to mock and belittle you and to trivialize what are clearly real problems, as is demonstrated by most of the comments that you’re getting right now.

    I find it hard to believe that any of this is helping.

    You’ve had a lot of excellent advice on here, much of which you’ve reacted to with angry and often abusive defensiveness. This is also part of the problem. It’s very clear to me, as someone twice your age, that many of your commenters know what they’re talking about, and that their advice comes from their own hard-won experience. I daresay you’ll recognize this too come the 2030s – but that’s not going to help you NOW.

    But the ball is completely in your court. Ranting won’t help you. Thinking and empathizing will. All successful human relationships are about give and take, and all you seem to want to do is take. Which isn’t a healthy mindset to begin with, and it’s doubly damaging if no-one’s giving you anything to take in the first place. But why should they?

      • I know that the world will not bow to me but incel problem will become bigger and bigger, and I believe some help will be implemented in my lifetime. My program is a great idea for that as it’s simple, relatively cheap and doesn’t infringe on anybody’s rights.

        Some of these “trolls” claim my parents, friends, family and national police, all of whom I’ve asked help from a million times, need to be contacted. But before they can do that they have to get my full dox. I doubt they will really contact them even if they by some miracle manage to find out who they are because they don’t really give a shit about that at all but my dox will be a useful tool to punish a perceived enemy and try to complicate, hell, I’ll even say destroy his life.

        ‘¡No pasarán!

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