Jessay the stupid retard… saying really retarded stuff

So, some obviously retarded pseudoliberal person oozing a smelly pus of misandry, political correctness and lies has decided to write a text about me. Oh, it’s just Jessay.  While I had no illusions about the nature of this text as soon as  I started reading it the amount of lies, strawmen,  in places pure fabrications and,  what’s the worst part about this, completely illogical sentences has truly managed to surprise me. This text is just loaded with absolute nonsense. So let’s analyze it….

On involuntary celibacy and the need of government to solve it

I love how she puts that as the title. Why, I have no idea.

“Governments Get Girlfriends is a prime example of male entitlement…”

And this “male entitlement” is shown – where? When I agree that there is no chemistry with the girl and lose any interest for her after that? You’re probably dumb enough to think I act entitled there but let’s see other possible reasons for his statement.

Maybe you mean the fact that I tried to persuade some girls who changed their mind about talking to me or having sex with me, thereby displaying what was considered normal male behavior for entire history and still is considered normal male behavior to everybody but modern liberal monsters and their unnatural utopia?

Or could it be the fact that I’ve proposed a government program where applying and choosing a partner are completely voluntary, and where every single woman, employed or not, could apply? Again, I don’t see any entitlement here. Both sides would benefit. Are those who founded private dating agencies or apply to them entitled? Why?

It’s probably about my problem with parents and government- the fact that I’m expecting them to help me find a girlfriend. This idea does seem odd to a normal person. However, that I am surely not. So,. of course, in my case you completely forget the fact that for 10 years I’ve been left to struggle with incel alone and that this brought terrible disasters upon myself, like the fact that I’ve been obsessed with a girl who liked me for a while for 2 years or the fact that I was in a 8 month sexless relationship simply because both of us were too shy to initiate… all these events were followed by a suicide attempt, months of trying to persuade the girls to come back both for reasons of being in love and being unable to find another partner, episodes of  crippling depression, complete obsessions and and other wonderful things – all due to the fact I get a chance once in like 4-5 years. If my government and parents helped me it would not be so. So, my “entitlement” is not about feeling I deserve a perfect girl from them –  it’s wanting to avoid the kind of frightening crises that happen when you have a chance once every 4-5 years and which cost me a lot in terms of money, time, health, education and many other things. So much for entitlement.

“and the dangers of the Men’s Rights Movement.”

I’ve never ever claimed to be an MRA. In fact, I explicity said I’m not an MRA here. So, you’re just making stuff up.  So much for your credibility.

This is the blog of a 24 year old man who clams he is “incel” or involuntarily celibate. The definition of which is that while he wants to be having sex, he cannot find a partner to have sex with

This is utter nonsense, which could only have been writing by a extremely stupid idiot . If inability to have sex were the definition of incel  it would mean there is no such thing as prostitution.

Luckily, you had the opportunity to read my and some other definitions of incel ON THIS BLOG so you can make this claim. Oh, no, wait, me and other incel sites actually claim

I consider involuntary celibacy to be the inablity to obtain romantic relationship or sex for 6 months or more.

Online communities for involuntary celibates ( which I will discuss later, as I have formed a certain opinion about every of them) make the following definitions What is involuntary celibacy (incel?) 
Short answer: It’s datelessness! It’s romantic inexperience, and extreme difficulty forming romantic relationships.

Incel Support: Involuntary celibacy (or incel) is the state of a person who has not established an intimate relationship or engaged in sexual intercourse for reasons other than voluntary celibacy or sexual abstinence. The term is used especially for adults who, despite general expectations, have had little to no sexual or romantic experience.

So, you didn’t bother to read and just made up something once again. Nice.

And then you go on….

 Incel is a problematic online subculture of sorts filled with self-indulgent men who are blaming all of their problems on their lack of a sex life.

This utter moron posts a link to wikipedia article on incel, which claims Involuntary celibacy (colloquially incel) is chronic near-total or total absence in a person’s sexuality of intimate relationships or sexual intercourse that is occurring for reasons other than voluntary celibacyasexualityantisexualism, or sexual abstinence and than just calls it a problematic online subculture, as if you can’t be incel without being a member of online incel communities or even if you don’t have Internet. Amazing. Self-indulgent? Of course, because only good men to feminist scum are little worker bees. You have no idea about the strength it takes for many of them to get out of bed, let alone finish education and work, especially when their parents die and siblings marry. Self-indulgent…. What a piece of shit you are.

It’s illogical as it states that you can be incel even if you turn down sex with willing partners who are below your personal standards. So the “involuntary” aspect of the phrase should not be taken literally. According to incel, if I was, say, a 5 with no job, no money, poor social skills, and the IQ of a 10 year old, but my standards consisted of 9+’s who were super sweet and smart and rich, I could still call myself incel despite my unrealistic expectations in a partner. 

“According to incel” ! Unbelievable.  As if incel is a person or a set values/ideas, instead of a condition.

Anyway, according to this insane cunt, you’re not involuntary celibate if turn down partners who are below your personal standards. You’re not incel unless you accept absolutely everything -80 year-old grandmothers, 600 pounds monsters, all of them have to be wanted by you. If you don’t like them your personal standards are too high . And then she brings this shocking example of a somebody having too high standards – a person that is 5 (wow, some of your femifascist sisters wouldn’t like you rating people  women like that)  and with no job, money, poor social skills and mental retardation (thus unable to be incel at all) wants people who are 9+, super smart, sweet  and rich.  That’s the same as not wanting a wheelchair bound fat women with three children and herpes. 

 If my ideal mate is not willing to sleep with me, no matter how many non-ideal mates are, I can claim incel and complain on forums like loveshy about how bad I’ve got it.

 People like these are extremely rare in incel communities and they immediately get attacked for this attitude. They’re widely not considered incels at all. It’s hilarious you would mention this when such examples are extremely rare, and a proof you never read any incel forums or blogs except for mine, which you got through Lietelle’s commentators. Unlike what this delusional moron is saying, almost all incels have extremely low criteria due to years of deprivation, myself included. The only reason why I try to avoid airheads is that they’re extremely stupid and you can’t talk to them so it’s hard to get anywhere with them. Of course I’d like a happy, nice airhead interested in me but they’re rare. Fat chicks? No problem at all, barring extreme obesity. Only thing I can’t stand is the lack of hygiene. Basically, all I’m looking for is what’s hardest to find  -chemistry.

Oh wait, no I can’t, because I’m a woman and women can’t be incel by most of their standards due to the myth that all women are being offered dick 24/7 and any woman who has standards is a superficial, hypergamous slut.

Of course there are incel women, they’re just much more rare than incel men. I’ve never claimed there are no incel women.  My program says 2. There was an argument that there is no program for incel women. Of course, anybody with basic understanding will see that this is also a program for incel women.

But I find it impossible to believe you were ever incel – how could you be if you  think it’s an online movement and not a condition, for fucks’s sake ! 

Incels seem to have absolutely no self awareness or eagerness to grow as people. They take the phrase, “Accept me for who I am” to a whole new level.

Just a feeble- minded generalization. Many try to meet new people, go to the gym, try plastic surgery, even lie to make themselves look better.

While that sentiment is lovely in theory, we’re not talking about accepting someone’s nerdy taste or seeing their true inner beauty despite their non-conventionally attractive looks. We’re talking about men who show extreme warning signs of rapists and abusers,  who won’t even take a shower in order to impress a woman, “

Disgusting statement. How many incels who show “extreme warning signs of rapists and abusers” has this retarded scum ever met? Me? Of course, I show these signs by doing “horrible acts” like attacking extreme criminals, trying to convince a girl to have sex with me after she already said yes but rejected it or posting her picture without a name after she changed her mind just to refuse again (a move she later described as done for fun and to torture me, the fact that scum like emilygoddess never commented on because it didn’t fit her bullshit, just like the fact she wanted to be in a relationship with me after it happened).

Next we learn that taking a shower impresses women. Well, guys, now you know how to impress a woman. Of course, this is a complete insane lie just to insult people, as there is no proof that incels don’t shower when going on a date – this statement is so stupid that it’s hard to believe somebody would even think of this.

“who are so lazy and entitled that they expect other people to find a girlfriend for them.”

So there you go. Everyone is equally capable of finding a girlfriend so since there are some who have them those don’t are lazy. If you were unable to find somebody for 10-20 years despite doing everything in your power and now want help you’re just lazy. And entitled.  Because, if you want and need something you must think you have a right to it ! So, tell me, Jessay, tell me one example of an incel who said he has the RIGHT to a girlfriend. It can’t be me, since my program is all about dates which could fail and I never asked my parents or government to find me a girlfriend, just introduce me to some girls. One example. You will not find it. Just… horrible.

That’s how we come to Governments Get Girlfriends: A site dedicated to one man’s lament about his love life as an appeal to the government to provide him with women to date.

My blog is an appeal to the government? What? You think anybody from my government ever heard of this blog? Hilarious. My blog is an appeal to the people, mostly incel people, to rebel against their treatment and seek real help, which isn’t a liberal religious cult of therapy. 

He believes that there should be agovernment sponsored match making service, funded by the tax payers, that pays women to go out on dates with incel men. He rationalizes it as not being government sponsored prostitution in his brain somehow, but none of it translates to those of us with logical minds.

Of course it’s government sponsored prostitution ! We all know that the job of the prostitutes  is to go on blind date to discover if there is chemistry. Many of you calling yourself owners of “logical minds” have, during the past years, became so insanely misandric, politically correct, hateful and such fascists that there is now a huge backslash against your “logic” online,  a logic which is actually religious worship of extreme feminism, therapy, misandry, political correctness and atheism.

This half-cocked concept is easy enough to ignore by itself, but the real concern is his approach. He believes that both the government and his parents are MURDERERS due to their refusal to help him find a girlfriend.

They are murderers. It’s obvious I am unable to find one myself, despite all my trying. I am so desperate that I was willing to accept being in a relationship with a bitch who tried to torture me and lived away from my town. If I am not trying how would I even find her? I am trying. Nobody can blame me for not trying.  So they’re  the ones failing to act. 

And why is that murder? Because incel is an enormous burden, especially when it lasts for 10 years. It was broken once for a month and a half, which made me feel even worse now that I now what I’m missing. Many people have killed themselves because of incel- it brings nothing but loneliness, sexual frustration, jelaousy of other and misery. I have witnessed suicides in incel communities and tried it myself.

So, if I can’t stop the deprivation that’s killing me on my own and those who can help me won’t, what does that make them? It’s at least manslaughter ! 

He has a fantasy of going out with a bang like several MRAs have before him. He dreams of writing a novel about his suffering, full of self-pity and scorn for everyone who didn’t present him with a dream woman to be with forever. He then plans to kill himself so that people will take it seriously. No… that’s not terrifying at all. His parents totally aren’t justified in refusing to set this man up with all the perfect girls he dreams that they know.

Ah, MRA nonsense again, I’m not an MRA, but what’s next… Yeah, suicide, novel…. About suicide – if things go on as they do maybe it’s best for everybody. My rage is dangerous. As for the novel, it describes some extreme pain, which is obvious to anybody reading this blog. Who could have ever presented me with a dream woman? All I wanted was a chance to get more dates. Girls didn’t have to perfect. There are no perfect girls. All I looked for was chemistry.

He was committed for assaulting them and, following text book abuser’s logic, he claims they made him do it. How he is no longer committed is the real crime of the government if you ask me. 

They made me do it by killing me for 10 years. I’m sorry you’re such a fool that you think I can find somebody myself or not be bothered about it, which is blatantly against human nature. Why would I be committed? You’re not the first idiot who expressed the desire for me to be commited but the only true commital which would make any kind of difference is a permament one or close to permanent. And the only way I could be committed for a long time or life is by being chained up – otherwise, what’s to stop me from harming anybody if I’m not getting out anywhere and will thus never get a girlfriend? It’s just not gonna happen unless I do something big. And I have no intention of doing anything but writing a book for now.

Instead of embracing therapy he propositioned his former therapist for sex, stating it was the only way she could help him.

“Embracing therapy”…. Embracing empty talk, meds that only numb you and make you sleep, visits that happen once a month for 15 minutes unless you pay enormous amounts I’m unable to pay… This is what I tried to embrace until I saw it’s doing me no good. What could have done me good is losing my virginity, which is why I asked that. 

I now have a male therapist and it’s as useless as always. I am not sure if the meds help.

It’s very obvious that he’s suffering from at least a few disorders, though I’m not about to try to diagnose him specifically.

I was diagnosed with couple of disorders, mostly personality disorders.  As if I give a shit. It just shows what charade psychiatry is. No other field of medicine would make so many different diagnoses on a single set of problems.  I do agree that I have depression and I’ve been getting treatment for years. It certainly isn’t the cause of my incel, I’ve been incel long before I was depressed and many depressed people have partners. If you say I have to beat the depression before I can beat incel you will beat neither.

The problem is that he refuses to let go of this obsession with having a girlfriend, as if the girlfriend will fix his problems. He doesn’t get that having a girlfriend when you’re psychologically unstable will not solve your problems, but only become her problems, and in some ways it may exacerbate existing problems. A honeymoon period and some sex would only be a temporary distraction, they would not be a cure. 

Politically correct goo. I like the way you don’t even mention that being without a partner or sex for 99% of time in 10 years, in my case, or much longer in other cases, is a problem which could affect your mind. My obsession with girlfriend happens precisely because I NEVER ACTUALLY HAD ONE  ALL OF MY LIFE. No therapist ever came close to making me feel good as having a girlfriend did. And that even if we take into consideration that both of my relationships were fucked – one was sexless against my will due to our shyness, other was with an unstable person and long distance. I’ve never even had a real, normal, happy relationship and still felt better while being in a relationship than after any therapy.

What’s even more ridiculous is that he has had girlfriends and sex within the last year but is still claiming incel, not recognizing that none of his problems were solved.

It’s not true that none of my problems weren’t solved. Getting rid of my virginity was like getting rid of a huge burden. Still, I only had sex with that girl 2 times and was laughed at by her for my inexperience later. I had a relationship that lasted a month and half and gained some more experience with sex. Still, ever since we broke up in November I am completely left without anything. So even if I’m maybe not incel due to my definition of 6 months I can’t be satisfied.

I wouldn’t care about this, wouldn’t even be aware of it, but he inserted himself into conversations on a website I frequent, derailing the conversation to be all about him.

So what? Is every Mb conversation on topic? I entered Eivind Berge discussion because I found the way Lietelle was gloating over his politically motivated arrest in 3 articles disgusting, while never before making articles on his blog, probably knowing that Eivind would make many of the arguments liberal fanatics present ridiculous if he joined the discussion. What was the big discussion about his release? Couple of butthurt feminist morons whining. Eventually I presented my idea, as Eivind was incel too when he made his extreme statements.

He treated us just like he treats his dates who he has no attraction to, imposing his personal problems on people he doesn’t know who didn’t ask, like a form of punishment.

So why do you give a fuck about what I wrote on Mb? You shouldn’t have replied or paid any attention to it if you felt I shouldn’t done that. Nobody was “punishing” you in any way. Nobody was punishing that girl either, she wanted to hear it, it’s just that her reaction was negative.  Besides, I’m banned there, gone, and you assholes are still there talking about me, strawmaning the shit out of me while combining it with logical fallacies and lies,  you’re the one who has over 20 posts on my fucking blog, so don’t tell me I’m imposing anything on you, you can’t be a victim everytime, you fucking cunt.

Also, I didn’t tell my story to every girl I’ve had a failed date with but when I did every girl but this one reacted with empathy and said that my experiences were indeed harsh. But, of course, you know they were faking it because you were there.

Now that I’m aware that such a man exists I’m disgusted.

I was aware that women like you existed long and was disgusted long ago. You are female, leftist, politically correct man hating liberal feminists, the most privileged class of people that ever existed, bent on making most men sexless servile drones while usually fucking complete douchebags who privately hate you and everything you stand for with an occasional ultra mangina getting a piece of the cake because normal guys are “nice guys TM”, fighting against any sanity and  common sense, dragging the civilization into abyss. You will never be able to despise me as much as I despise you.

This summary alone doesn’t even begin to scratch the surface of how awful he is.

On the other hand, this reply of mine does reveal what you’re about pretty well.

You have to read the blog to believe it. The comments sections are where he really shows his true colors.

I have no intention of being civil to you, just like you’re not civil to me. Your delusions and stupidity infuriate me.  If I ever saw you I’d spit in your face. If you don’t like the way I’m addressing you here  you’re free to leave. If you can see what I’m saying behind the insults keep making idiotic posts here, I’m not stopping you.

Part of me hopes this is just a very dedicated, very elaborate troll, but I’m afraid to write him off in the event that he really is this deluded and dangerous.

Why am I deluded? Do you think I really believe that the government will find me a girlfriend? No, I’m trying to spread the idea. As for my parents, they could have given me a girlfriend but refused to long before I became anything close to unstable. They just don’t believe in incel, and neither do you.

At the very least, I’d like more discussion about this incel phenomenon and how problematic it is.

But I’d suggest you stay out of that discussion – you’re unable to make out the difference between a condition and an online movement, which is how you called incel, what could you possibly say that would make any sense? Oh, I know what

-men, don’t act entitled !

– wanting a girlfriend is male priviledge !

-nobody owes you pussy!

– women have it harder in the dating scene! 

– trying to persuade a girl to do anything is sexual harrasment, even if she changes her mind ! 

-all “nice guys” are actually sociopaths !

What would you have to offer in that discussion but lies, shaming and denial of human nature?

Yes, being single sucks when you want a relationship.

Especially if you have extremely low standards, are trying to change yourself and it still goes on for decades. Which is something you’ve never experienced at all. 

However, that’s not an excuse to act misogynistic;

Of course, there’s nothing misogynstic about my blog expect maybe one sentence where I said “Women are scum” in rage. Everything else is your extreme political correctness in play.

You are not entitled to a girlfriend.

I am asking you again to show me where I or any other incel said that we are owed a girlfriend? AND DON’T MENTION A PROGRAM THAT DOESN’T GUARANTEE A GIRLFRIEND. We think we’re owed a girlfriend, not a date, remember?

The idea of these people wallowing in their own self pity and encouraging each other to deny help is dangerous.

I like the way this long reply ends – by us calling each other dangerous. Even though I’m not suggesting anybody not to get help, which is how you call therapy (hell, I’m in it now) I understand you feel I’m encouraging men not to get it because I think it’s useless and that this is dangerous. 

My opinion, formed through my own experiences with therapy, talks with many other incels about therapy and experience of talking to people like you, who see it as a religion, is that you are the one who is dangerous. For I have yet to meet an incel who found a girlfriend because of therapy, as well as one who got better because of therapy. By the way, how much “better” is it healthy to become if you’re a long time incel? You should be angry, you should be depressed. Denying human nature is never good.

In short, your solution is something that I have yet to hear has worked with incel. No matter how convinced you are that it does I’ve heard many stories which say the opposite thing. But, yeah, I’m sure it was all bad lazy men not wanting to change to you.

And why is that dangerous? Because if you treat the wrong illness with wrong tools the patient will eventually die. And it might be a blessing that he’s the only one who died.

9 thoughts on “Jessay the stupid retard… saying really retarded stuff

  1. “Of course it’s government-sponsored prostitution &c.”

    Now we’re at the core of the feminist objection to the idea. The feminist logic about abortion and the disposibility of a woman’s body doesn’t apply if she voluntarily sells her body sexually.

    Why do suppose that is?

    Because a prostitute actually has something to sell—and that ‘something’ is what most feminist women couldn’t GIVE away. A government program like you’re suggesting would expose the ACTUAL sexual value of these typical Man-blobz commenters: ZERO. And that’s the real reason they fear it.

    It’s also the real reason behind 99% of all anti-male, feminist legislation: controlling male sexuality and levelling female sexuality to the lowest common denominator.

    • Yep, and here in a nutshell we have it. The modern feminist slag DOES NOT WANT MEN TO REALISE THAT WOMEN CAN BE BOUGHT. Oh hell NO they sure do not want that!

  2. Most this, tl:dr. What a self-pitying fuckup you are. I’d advise you to go join a book club or something else that would bring you into contact with people, but you’d screw it up. You’d whine about your incel and beg for girlfriends and otherwise make everyone else around you freak out and reject you, so whatever. But this:

    …As for my parents, they could have given me a girlfriend but refused to…

    WTF? I don’t know where you live, but how could your parents give you a girlfriend? Can they just go down the shops and ask “Oh, I’d like a girlfriend please, and for my son, so only the high quality ones please.” What if it’s half-day closing? Would you have had to wait til next afternoon for delivery? How could they *give* you a girlfriend? They’re not a commodity to be given round. This is why you come across as whiny and entitled and narcissistic. “Given” a girlfriend? By your parents? Unless you live in a society with arranged marriages, that doesn’t happen.

    Do you ever step back and read your stuff and see how it comes across? Ever?

  3. Wow, a rebuttal which confirms every accusation I had while simultaneously denying them. That either takes a lot of talent or a complete disconnect from reality. I’m gonna go with the latter.

    I couldn’t agree more. It reminded me of the longest reader’s letter that the British satirical magazine Private Eye ever printed – its author was complaining about them calling him a pompous windbag. Though in this case he was at least sufficiently self-aware to ring the mag before publication and offer to edit it – they naturally replied “No, we think it’s fine as it is”.

  4. All Jessay’s comments are now permanently deleted and she is banned. It has nothing to do with her posts on this blog but with the fact that she’s become a threat to me IRL, as I’ve learned on another place. Of course I can’t allow such a person to comment here anymore.

      • She and a some other deluded fools want to dox me and “save me”… or my parents… or my government… whatever. They want to get me help from the government and parents I am asking for and not getting every day and tell them about what I write in this blog, which I’ve told my parents to their faces many times and written to my government at least 15 times. Of course it makes sense !

  5. Join Toastmasters. Get into a debate club or like the commenter above suggested, a book club. Meet people. I’ve got a pretty good track record and have been married for 15 years but I’ve had dry spells that lasted over a year. I got really comfortable in my own skin and worked out 5 days a week. When I met my wife I had no intention of having a girlfriend or wife, it just happened. I invited her out and when we got back to my place, I made a move. You have to make a move.

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