Some of my friends have tried to persuade me to become an independent candidate on my country’s parliamentary election. Despite me being an almost complete anonymous they promised to gather a sufficient number of signatures for me to become a candidate.

I thought about it because of one thing only, and that was the possibility of addressing the nation through the most influental media, in order to tell them that

-the country would institute the program described here

– I would enforce an immediate dismissal of feminist judges, like the one that granted the mother’s request that the father be banned from seeing her daughter for 6 months because the mother claimed “she felt freightened because she didn’t know where her child was ” during the month her daughter spent on vacation with her father (which was granted by a court decision) and that her daughter couldn’t do her “kindergarten obligations” (???!!) during that time, the one that acquitted the two women that kidnapped the child of a man whose wife became a cult member or the one who gave a woman who murdered her husband a 3 year sentence

– incompetent female social workers, like the ones who needed 380 hours to finally grant custody to a father over a drug adduct mother, thereby greatly harming the childrens school performance and attendance in classroom or the ones who let 3 children die would be punished much harsher

-anti-fascism is not only a civilizational attainment but a principle point of view of every free individual in a free society

– I don’t need or want the support of Catholic Church

-I’m not counting on votes from neofascists and clero-fascists

– I don’t need the votes from  feminists, manginas and pseudoliberals

-the privileges to a certain group of worthless people in the country are devouring it’s economic potential more than nepotism, corruption and organized crime together

– I would do everything for a true reform of the legal and law enforcement system

– I would apply myself to establish good and friendly relationships with all the neighbouring countries while resolving all currently open questions

– I would stand for strict principle of separation of church and state, and a revision of contracts with the Vatican, with my goal being keeping the country secular and saving budget money, let Catholic Church be financed by those who need it

– I would aggresively tried to spread the view that promotion of fascism isn’t a democratic right to a different opinion, for there isn’t and can’t be any democracy for opponents of every democracy and expressing of other opinions

-I’d do whatever it is in my power to reevaluate  my country’s resistance movement in WW2  and present it as a heroic fight

The question about the number of votes I would have gotten will remain unanswered.

7 thoughts on “Electioneering

  1. I love the way that his manifesto is written in exactly the same way as his dating ad, by being aggressively upfront about whose votes he doesn’t want – as though independent candidates are in a position to pick and choose.

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