109 thoughts on “My parents – criminals who deserve to be put in jail or killed

  1. Your mother not wanting to have sex with you =/= murder. Having sex with your mother = total perv.

    In any country with a normal legal system sensitive to needs of incels these criminals would be prosecuted long ago and in some countries their crimes would be punished by the death penalty.

    I’d appreciate some examples of countries with “normal legal systems sensitive to needs of incels”, and also which countries punish parents with death for mothers refusing to have sex with their sons. Just one example would do it.

    Can you provide any?

    • I already explained how it is murder in those five steps. It leaves me sexually frustrated and thus prone to suicide.

      As for normal legal systems, I never said that any system such as I propose exists but that normal, humane system would help incels and punish parents who refuse to help their children. Such help can be provided by parents introducing their children to potential partners.

      Also, I haven’t forgotten your post on my bad date. I’ve already written a huge reply and am finishing it now.

      • Are you on medication? You should be. There are good anti-depressants, and also meds that help with obsessive disorders. Seek them out. Ask a doctor. xxx or wherever should have doctors you can see. If you can’t afford it, ask your parents to help get you help.

        Your obsession with sex is very, very sick.

        Did you get that? You want to have sex with your mother you’re that obsessed?

        If it’s about your boner, buy a fleshlight. Not that expensive. If you’re lonely, get some counseling. You just admitted that not only are you emotionally unstable and sex-obsessed to the point where you think your mother owes you sex, you’re also violent. You attacked your own fucking parents. Not introducing you to daughters of friends? They deserve a fucking medal for shielding those girls from their violent, sex-crazed offspring. Didn’t press charges? They should have, then you might have gotten the help you desperately need.

        Get help. Now.

        The way you are now, nobody, male or female, should be around you. You’re violent, obsessive, suicidal, prone to dumping your emotional load on total strangers, and that’s just the start.

        Get medication. Get help. But for the sake of any deity anybody believes in, stay the fuck away from human beings. You’re violent and sick. Seek out the help you need. And you do need it. Nobody sane is like you.

        GET HELP NOW

        • First, it doesn’t matter where I am from so I’d advise you not to mention the names of any countries unless you want your posting privilege revoked. This goes for everybody commenting here. If I want it known where I am from I will be the one to say so.

          I am in therapy and on medication. What do you have to say now? I was also in inpatient care for 5 days due to severe depression. They “helped” me by drugging me so much that I can’t remember almost anything, even the fact that I was moved to a different floor at one time. Their only talk during that time was the question how I’m feeling. Is that your “help”?

          I am on an anti-depressant and an anti-psyhotic medicine now and I am seeing a male therapist.

          What do you have to say on that?

          You still don’t see that incel is an abnormal, soul shattering experience I am living for almost 10 years now? Of course, you’re not the one having to go through it.

          Oh, and yeah, I would surely get great help in prison, surrounded by criminals and being helped by one shrink that doesn’t even work full hours.

      • Instead of talking about suicide, you should quit whining on the Internetz & actually do it. There is no way in the world that any government will ever provide hot women to losers like you, & any guy who’d hit on his own mother would be better off dead. Kill yourself. It’s the only way to make your ‘suffering’ end.

        GGG- I think I’ve banned you already but forgot to enter it. Should be fixed now. Bye.

  2. See this is why women treat you badly… you are scary. Genuinely scary. Women have to be afraid of some asshole raping or murdering or otherwise assaulting them every time they are alone with a male stranger, which is something men don’t understand. So when somebody acts off or says really strange things or seems desperate or obsessive that little alarm in the back of their head says “this guy might really hurt you get away from him” and they react accordingly. You come off as somebody who might kill a woman and stuff her in his freezer. So yeah… don’t expect results any time soon.

    • And where is this hatred towards women shown on this blog, my dear?

      Have you met me in real life to know how I come off? How did I manage to have two girlfriends if I am that scary? How do I manage to have female friends?

      Women treated me badly back when I didn’t have this blog or even an idea that government has to help incels because I am a weak beta, not because of my ideas.

      • You call women sluts, bitches, and whores (including your mother). You hate women.

        I imagine those poor women were in a really dark place while they were dating you. I hope they are in a better place now (assuming that you didn’t kill them).

        People like you have this weird idea that women owe men like you sex or love or compassion when you seem to lack anything equal to return.

        • “You call women sluts, bitches, and whores (including your mother). You hate women.”

          I also call men assholes, dickheads, scumbags and many other gendered insults and you don’t call me out on that. You hate men !

          “I imagine those poor women were in a really dark place while they were dating you. I hope they are in a better place now (assuming that you didn’t kill them).”

          You can imagine a lot of things but it doesn’t make it true.

          “People like you have this weird idea that women owe men like you sex or love or compassion when you seem to lack anything equal to return.”

          Where did I say that women owe me sex or love or compassion and is there any way for you to know I lack anything equal to return but by my posts to rude, stupid people?

    • A Woman:
      Actually, he probably wouldn’t be INCEL if he moved to the US. Any guy who’s been in jail, in therapy, and openly fantasizes about sex with his mother would be an instant ‘chick magnet’ over here.

      ‘You are scary. Genuinely scary…don’t expect any results soon.’

      On the contrary, he’s liable to get outstanding results. Look at guys like James Holmes, the Aurora Theatre shooter—women would line up to have his baby if they could. The men who died protecting their girlfriends during the shooting have been forgotten, BTW. Or Joran Vandersloot—convicted rapist and murderer who got one lucky girl pregnant even while on Death Row.

      To GGF: If you’re actually contemplating imitating these guys, don’t do it. Like you said ‘women are scum’. Sex with these bitches isn’t worth the cost.

  3. Exhibit A: a post that concludes that “Women are scum“.

    Exhibit B: your use of explicitly misogynist insults such as “mangina” (there’s an example in this very thread).

    Exhibit C: your anecdotes about attempting to fuck your therapist and your mother, behavior that shows not the slightest concern for their feelings or their boundaries.

    I could go on, but the above is damning enough.

  4. A. Done in frustration, but ok, let’s say this is an argument for it. Unfortunately, it is the only one.

    B. Sorry, I don’t think using that word is misogynistic. It describes guys like dar, who blame me for women not repyling or breaking off contact when there are hundreds of men complaining about the very same thing on that site, feel sorry for a woman who listened to my life story and reacted the way she did when dozen other women heard the same thing and didn’t react that way, or claim that misandry doesn’t exist extremely well.

    C. Of course, both of them were extremely concerned about my incel and the effects it has on me, so concerned that they never tried to help me at all. All that matters are their feelings, my feelings are completely irrelevant.

  5. Feel free to ban me if you like. It’s WordPress, so you can ban anyone you like. I see the “reply” option is disabled, so maybe you already did.

    How long have you been on meds? They can take a few weeks to take effect. If longer than that, you may need different ones. You are obsessive. You want your mother to have sex with you; that is NOT normal. There are plenty of different meds. I’ve had depression on and off much of my life. Sometimes it takes time to find the right meds to handle it. Stick with it. They really can help.

    Yes, I blame you for your problem. You are violent, obsessive, want to emotionally dump all over some poor girl who mistakenly agreed to a blind date with you. She’s lucky you didn’t attack her like you admitted to attacking your parents. The way you are now, do you see yourself? Would you want to be friends with you? Different meds maybe. It took me 5 tries to find the right ones, and about 8 months. In the meantime, buy a fleshlight.

    You need a male counselor, good you’re seeing one. Does he have ideas about how to better deal with the human race? Sex is not everything in the world. Do you have satisfaction in your job? If not, you can do volunteer work, something that does give you satisfaction at the end of the day. It makes a difference. I had bad jobs too, but they can be alleviated by knowing that, when you’re ready to sleep, you know you did do something worthwhile outside of your job. Also a nice way to make friends. The real kind, where you have something in common and like being around each other.

    What you call “incel” for the rest of us means “a dry spell”. We all go through it. But your violent, hate-filled, resentful, “it’s up to HER to take care of my needs” rhetoric will not do you any good. The way you are now, women should stay away from you. You hate them for not giving you all the sex you think you are entitled to. Yes, they fuck other guys. They fuck other guys than me too. Get over it.

    10 years? I wonder. Who might have just a little bit of responsibility for it?

    Not your parents.
    Not your government.
    Not the girls in school.
    Not anyone you may have worked with.
    Not women on dating sites who do not respond promptly and eagerly to your ads and rush to take care of YOUR needs as quickly as you want them to, with no thought of themselves.


    I wonder whom?

    Could it be the guy who comes across as scary, creepy, entitled, violent, obsessive, and a potential psycho?

    Ban me if you like. I really don’t care where you live, and it’s none of my affair. I live in the US now, and it is different, but ok. Not a bad place to live. But also a place where women do not rush to meet me.

    As the say here, Big Fat Hairy Deal.

  6. B. There are plenty of ways you can convey that impression without using the explicitly misogynist term “mangina”. If you don’t understand why it’s misogynist, think about its etymology: it only works as an insult if you accept the notion that by fusing the words “man” and “vagina”, you’re diminishing the “man” part. Otherwise, it’s meaningless.

    C. Let’s be blunt here: you wanted pity-fucks from them, and you weren’t the slightest bit concerned about any possible consequences to them. Which in your therapist’s case would be a gross dereliction of her professional duty, and in your mother’s case… well, do I really need to spell it out? Basically, like all too many misogynists, you’re reducing them to body parts: their feelings were irrelevant. (As for yours, there are plenty of ways of relieving that kind of stress without threatening people’s careers or resorting to incest).

    • Man = good. Vagina = good.
      mangina = crappy person with a twisted moral compass.
      Some things just don’t go well together. Things that look good on a woman are not things that look good on a man. And vice versa. Perhaps you’re reasoning like Jessica Valenti, who says that these insults reflect men’s belief that there is nothing worse than being a girl. But then why would Roissy, the most misogynistic man of them all, call her a MANjaw?

      • “But then why would Roissy, the most misogynistic man of them all, call her a MANjaw?”

        Because he thinks that women should be docile and feminine, and that anyone who doesn’t conform to his stereotyped notions (by displaying what he considers to be “masculine” traits) is far less desirable. In other words, the same old misogyny.

    • You might have a point there, but it still doesn’t point to misogyny, IMO. Indeed what society values in a man and in a woman are different things (masculine and feminine usefulness). In a man, it’s his abilities, strength and usefulness (he’s mainly useful to society as a builder and protector), while in a woman, it’s her abilities as a baby-making machine (that does include looks, which often indicate health and fertility). It all sounds so cold, and in a way it is (but both genders are seen as tools). So, insults can be based on telling someone they don’t deserve respect. Calling a man woman-like makes him useless to society – he can’t have babies, AND no masculine builder/doer abilities. He can’t even protect – he has to be protected without adding any value to the group. Calling a woman man-like actually, IMO, has less impact because she can still make babies AND she has building skills, but working hard makes her make less babies and she’s potentially “squandering her limited eggs” that way – so society doesn’t like it.

      I believe it also has to do with attractiveness to the other sex. I see it all the time – to insult someone, you call them a word that implies they can’t get laid or get love. These insults are based on telling someone they don’t deserve love.

      Calling a man woman-like makes him unattractive to women. Calling a woman ugly also means she is unattractive to men. It just so happens that a lot of men’s attractiveness comes from what they do, rather than what they look like (although looks still play a part). That way, you can insult a man by calling him say, a lardass, but you can also call him a sissy. A woman’s attractiveness is based on her looks to a large degree. So to insult her, you can attack her looks, including insults that imply she looks like a man, although they are not the only ones.

  7. I have a simple question, why do your parents owe you anything?

    While I don’t agree with this blog post, I find it hard to imagine anything more insane than mainstream modern culture with its lunatic feminist ideas. It is the 99% of the population that accepts modern culture that is truly sick and in need of help.

    • Franklin:
      I don’t agree with his post either, but by the lunatic feminist standards you described, his argument is entirely logical.

      Consider this: his mother could have chosen to have an abortion before he was born. Her body, her choice, right? And if she wants to sentence a baby to death, according to the feminists, that’s her moral duty and responsibility.

      Now, by the same logic, GGF didn’t choose to be born. So if his mother allowed her body to be ‘used’ by him as an unborn child, he is clearly entitled to use it again as an adult; because, according to warped feminist logic, motherhood is a form of oppression and abortion a sacred right. Therefore, by not exercising her right to execute the death penalty on a hated male pig, she willingly gave birth to a MAN—a ‘slave to his penis’ by femihag definition—so he has a perfectly just claim to sex with his mother, under feminist standards of reasoning.

      However, as we all know, the feminists don’t strictly apply their own logic to actual laws: and if he’d actually acted on this impulses he’d likely been burned at the stake—after all, we do have to protect the ‘womyn’ LOL

      • Jessay:
        Well, since I was replying to a male reader, I felt safe using actual logic. But for the benefit of feminist readers, I’ll explain:
        If a woman has a ‘right’ and a moral duty to sentence an unborn child to death, it follows that the child, once born, has an equal right to inflict punishment if he’s not happy with his life for not doing her duty and aborting him.
        See where feminist pretzel logic and female narcissism lead? Maybe patriarchy wasn’t such a bad thing after all…

  8. So insulting a man by refering to feminine traits is misogyny. To insult a woman by refering to masculine traits is misogyny. Got it.

    Well, “manjaw” is slightly more complicated than that because the misogyny in this instance usually derives from homophobia – or, more specifically, lesbophobia. Almost invariably when I encounter the term, there’s an unmistakable subtext of “How dare this bitch refuse to fuck me!”

    • So… you really don’t see it? That no matter who’s insulted and whos traits are being used as an insult, it always boils down to misogyny? Isn’t that a little weird? That way, you can pretty much prove misogyny anywhere you want, making this style of logic useless for proving anything. That is why I don’t expect the owner of this blog will believe you that the word mangina is really misogynist.
      I was just using your own logic. If “mangina” is a misogynist word because calling a man any feminine word is an insult, then manjaw should be a misandric word.
      Mangina = man’s value reduced by associating him with a female body part. Proves there is nothing worse than being a woman, because it’s used as an insult.
      Manjaw = woman’s value reduced by associating her with a masculine body part. Proves there is nothing worse than being a man, because it’s used as an insult.

      Perhaps people of both genders meet unacceptance when they jump too far out of their gender norms, and that’s why you can use it as an insult? If anything, those types of words could be considered trans-hating. Not everything revolves around women.

      • Are you really telling me manjaw is not related to gender at all?
        On average, men have bigger jaws than women. Yes, some men don’t have it, but it happens often enough to say that manjaw is not usual for a woman, and is a MASCULINE trait. It is undeniably tied to gender, sorry. Look, it’s in the word, the “man” part of it.

      • So… you really don’t see it? That no matter who’s insulted and whos traits are being used as an insult, it always boils down to misogyny? Isn’t that a little weird?

        No, not at all – we’re not talking about insults in general, we’re talking about two specific insults, both of which are strongly associated with misogynists because they’re practically the only people who use them as insults, at least with a straight face.

        You can quibble about semantics all you want, but language is also about usage – and if certain terms are more frequently used by people who have leanings in a particular direction, then they will gradually be regarded as handy signifiers of those attitudes, just as the uncritical use of the acronym ‘ZOG’ is generally a reliable indicator of neo-Nazi sympathies. Not always, of course, but frequently enough to suggest that people who don’t harbor those sympathies should maybe think twice about using them.

      • “we’re talking about two specific insults, both of which are strongly associated with misogynists because they’re practically the only people who use them”

        That’s not true. Those words are used in a specific sphere, both by people who are misogynists (from my experience, a minority in that sphere), and the rest or the sphere.

        Maybe when the true misogynists use the words, they maybe indicate they are misogynists (although you don’t need to squint your eyes and look for misogyny in single words, when you meet those guys) But the rest of us use mangina to point out a man who excuses bad behavior of women just because they are women.

    • “…unrealistic beauty standards”.

      LOL Why does my male intuition tell me that Jessay is nowhere near Emma in the looks department? LOL

      “Sexism: Only ugly bitches complain about it.”—MRA Front.

      • That’s a ludicrously wrongheaded claim even by the pitifully low standards you’ve already been setting round these parts.

        I know plenty of women who complain about sexism despite being the polar opposite of being ugly – because they’re sick and tired of the way that people assume that because they’re head-turningly attractive, they must therefore by definition be airheaded bimbos.

        In fact, that’s how I ended up with just such a girlfriend myself for nearly two years: instead of assuming that she was an airheaded bimbo on the one hand, or going weak at the knees and stammering on the other, I simply treated her like a normal human being. It’s amazing how something as straightforward as that can pay such rich dividends, but that’s what you get for not trying to cram people into crudely reductive pigeonholes before getting to know them properly.

        You should try it sometime.

      • No, Jessay. You have it backwards.

        Men don’t want to put their dicks into YOU. That’s why you’re jealous of beautiful women, and what makes women feminists.

  9. I’ve no idea, either now or back then: I don’t even know how much I weigh myself!

    That said, she kept herself in sensationally good shape – out of all my various girlfriends, she was the only one who had a daily exercise routine that she stuck to come hell or high water. And it made a visible difference.

  10. WHY THE HELL DO YOU WANT TO HAVE SEX WITH YOUR MOM. i don’t care if you think she’s to blame for you not getting sex or to blame for you being alive. why in god’s green earth would your solution for that not be “she needs to help me find a girlfriend” not “i need to put my dick in my mom right now and she is obligated to let me”

      • so do you think your focus on getting laid by your mom proves something is wrong with you? if so, why are any of your other thoughts ofvthis nature valid or logically sound?

        • If you read more carefully you would know that the list of priorities related to trying to beat my incel is

          1. online dating
          2. writing my government
          3. asking my parents to find me somebody

          4. asking my mother to have sex with me while in great despair

          I don’t have friends who meet women, rarely meet new women at my workplace and don’t cold approach.

          As for my “others thoughts of this nature” I am not sure to which ones you’re referring to.

          • you didn’t answer my first question.

            I mean your thoughts like “the government is required to find me a mate/should pay women to have sex with me”. does that sound rational?

            • I never said that the government is required to find me a mate or pay women to have sex with me. Read the program again and tell me where I said that. You might also tell me what I really said there. I really don’t feel like explaining the same things over and over once I’ve written them down in a specific section.

              • so if your program isn’t meant to find you a mate or pay women to have sex with you, why should it exist and what is its actual ultimate goal?

                • It is meant to find me or other incels who apply a mate, but it’s not a certainty. For example, all the dates can end without chemistry. Nobody is paying women to have sex, they are paid to go on dates and look for a suitable partner. Also, nobody is forcing them to accept a guy they don’t like.

  11. you have to stop being a fucking pussy. it’s not your parents fault you can’t get your 11th finger wet. if you want it so bad go rent a hooker. either man the fuck up or go jump up your own ass.

  12. No you see, your just a guy is lonely because he waits for girls to come to him. Shocking news buddy, that shit doesn’t work in real life and blaming others might give you some reconcile now, but be honest with yourself It’s YOU who isn’t getting ass Because YOU are some lowly shy piece of selfish shit who can’t get any because no one likes YOU so don’t blame your parents because your just some fucking creep that can’t seem to make a girl look your way. Stop being in denial, your disgusting, you make everything uncomfortable for anyone and your just a plain horrible person and that’s why nobody wants to be with you, cause your nothing kid, just kill yourself while you waste anymore fucks I give . I swear this is probably the most pathetic post I’ve ever fucking seen and I’ve been to /r/cringe.

  13. Ahahaha! What a loser! I can’t even remember when the last time I didn’t have a date. Like scoring a date isn’t that hard dude.

  14. brak and hurr are right, this is why prostitution is the oldest career in history. Just ring around, not all of them are expensive and it’d be worth the price since you’re so… obsessive about sex. Brothels also run health checks on girls and you have to be wrapped to sleep with one (or here you do), so I’m not seeing the problem.

    If it’s dating you want, then look at yourself and see what you can improve. If the whole world is against you, then guess what, chances are the problem lies with you.

  15. why does the government have to pay women? why can’t you find a matchmaker and do it yourself? matchmakers exist in all countries.

  16. Now, I don’t claim to know anything about your parents.. or you, for that matter. But your parents are older people. They’re already stuck in their beliefs and nothing you say will ever change them. You can argue all you like.. reason and logic will be as useless as a purely emotional argument. Isn’t it a waste of time and effort trying to get them to help if this is what your situation is?

  17. why does the government have to pay women? why can’t you find a matchmaker and do it yourself? matchmakers exist in all countries.

    Indeed. Governments exist to fill gaps that the private sector either can’t or won’t cater for. But there are untold numbers of ways of arranging dates, a huge number of which don’t cost anything besides time and possibly online access that you’d doubtless be paying for anyway.

    So what exactly is the government supposed to do that’s different to what’s already on offer? And why would it do a better job than people with far more experience in this field? If you were a politician, how would you justify funding such a program with taxpayers’ money?

  18. If only it was still socially acceptable to throw sickly children off cliffs. Maybe we wouldn’t have so many overweight, feminized pussies in this country petitioning the government to get them girlfriends.

    • “If only it was still socially acceptable to throw sickly children off cliffs.”

      I wasn’t a sickly child.

      “Maybe we wouldn’t have so many overweight, feminized pussies in this country petitioning the government to get them girlfriends.”

      I’m not overweight and feminized but where are those pussies in your country petitioning the government to get them girlfriends? Give me their names, I want to meet them!

    • WHAT!? Let a woman decide if something offends her? Preposterous!!! Its up to us menz to show you stoopid wommenz whats good and bad for you. *pats your silly little head*

    • 1. Show me where I was told I was sexist by WOMEN (which means you have to show me at least two examples where I was called sexist)

      2. Not only women are victims of sexism anywhere but in your empty feminist head

      3. More men are victims of sexism than women today. But obviously the Western world would reject such a fact even if was undeniably proven.

        • You know that things like sexism are hard to scientifically prove. It’s my opinion when I see how men are treated in the media, courts, how male sexuality is criminalized etc. I know most Western males and females would consider me wrong.

          I don’t see feminist bringing up studies that prove women are more often the victims of sexism.

          • I didn’t ask you for studies. I asked you to prove it, however you can. if you’re going to make statements you need to be able to prove them or they are worthless.

            • Well, I did tell you some examples, didn’t I? Law (family courts, lesser sentences, false rape accusations like in http://www.dailyecho.co.uk/news/10234020.False_rape_claim_teen_spared_jail/, media(males are often shown to be dumb and lazy), domestic violence laws (some states like Colorado, have a mandatory “removal for safety” law, which requires that if a couple is involved, the male participant must be taken out of the home, or away from the scene, regardless of the circumstances), reproductive rights etc

                • Look, I don’t know nor do I give a fuck. There are hundreds of feminist and MRA blogs, this isn’t one. They’ll be glad to discuss all this and much more with you. This blog is on incel.

                  My impression is that men are more often victims of sexism even in my country, which is catholic and in most ways pretty traditional. Reading many incel forums has revealed to me that things are much, much worse. So from that I deduce that men are in much worse position.

                  Fuck, my country is supposed to be a “patriarchal” one and we had this one cunt who was given 3 years… For killing her fucking husband with a knife when she came late at night home drunk from a bar despite having a little child and claimed it was in self defense because he was strangling her.

                  And there still were feminists who said she is a hero of “abused” women. I’m only glad that scum will never see her child again in her dirty fucking life, the dead husband’s parents took the boy away and he no longer wishes to see her.

                  • why say something like

                    3. More men are victims of sexism than women today. But obviously the Western world would reject such a fact even if was undeniably proven.

                    on your blog if you cannot quantify or discuss it?

                    • Because I have a right to state my opinion on my blog.

                      I can’t quantify it because it impossible to quanitify it and I do not wish to discuss the issue as it’s very complex and really not something I’m interested. Also, most of you are Americans and I don’t know the USA numbers on anything to discuss this on a serious level.

                    • Do you think you know the answer to the question “which sex is more likely to suffer from sexism”?

                      How is sexism to be defined? And even if you use a dictionary definition how do you objectively declare something is sexism or isn’t? It’s impossible to give a correct answer to this question. My opinion is that men are more likely to be victims of sexism in the Western world, for reasons like VAWA, family and criminal courts etc.

                      But keep in mind that when talking about something I’m mostly referring to the Western civilization unless stated otherwise. I mean, if we take the whole world into account it’s probably women who suffer from sexism more. Much of the world are dirty shitholes.

                      So, yes, it was just my opinion for Western world.

                    • I just think it’s bullshit for you to make statements like that and expect to be taken seriously. you can’t back it up so it just sounds like a crazy person ranting.

                    • I backed it up with something ! Haven’t you read my posts. AWA, family and criminal courts? Abd that I meant Western world? Don’t you remember?

                      What’s your opinion on that question and what could you back it up?

                    • I think it’s impossible to quantify and having to posit that question is an idiot statement in the first place. you cannot quantify things like racism or sexism. the problem is that when you start complaining about who has it worse you stop helping problems and just start complaining.

                    • “I think it’s impossible to quantify and having to posit that question is an idiot statement in the first place. you cannot quantify things like racism or sexism.”

                      I asked you for your opinion… Your impression… Not to quantify it.

                    • I do not wish to give you my opinion because you will say whichever one I give is biased for certain reasons. so no thank you.

      • You are correct that men suffer sexism as well. But many of the comments on this blog that were sexist towards men were written BY MEN! Sexism occurs all over from all types of people. To dismiss female victims by stating that men are victims too is ridiculous. Can’t you understand that every gender has its own hurdles to jump?

        And do you read every comment posted? I’m pretty sure you’ve been called sexist/misogynist at least twice. But I think you cherry pick whom to answer to.

        And “obviously the Western world would reject such a fact even if was undeniably proven.”
        Isn’t that the biggest case of the pot calling the kettle black. You’ve had several people give you UNDENIABLE FACTS in the comments that you reject.

  19. Okay, you’re a legal adult in whatever country you live in, right? Are you a dependent? Because if not, your parents don’t owe you jack shit from a legal perspective (moral, maybe, but we don’t live in a world where subjective morality can be regulated, so…) You might be able to sue, but since no government I’m aware of would consider your reasons to be legitimate, I doubt you’d win.

    As for your reasons why they’re murdering you…I don’t understand why you can’t rely on a prostitute for sex and your friends for an emotional outlet. If you’re in a big city, access to a classy prostitute is pretty easy if you search online, and cheap call girls can be found on your local craigslist. So those would be your emotional and physical needs taken care of. What else is there?

    Finally, you are the one responsible for your own mental health. *You*. Not your parents, not girls, not the dudes who score more than you do, not even your therapists. It’s you. You have to be the one to realize that your life isn’t going the way you want it to, and you’re the one who has to figure out ways to change it – wayS, because there is never just one way to make things better. Medication can help you but it can’t change the way you think; that’s the most important part of recovering from *any* mental problems. Obviously being incel is really bad for you. But the ways you’re trying to fight it *aren’t working*, so the most logical thing to do would be to seek other avenues. Try cognitive behavioral therapy to work on your worldview and maybe help you see from other perspectives. If you’ve already done that, try again with a different therapist. And most likely, once you’re happier and more confident in yourself, girls will be a lot more interested in you, and you will be able to have that girlfriend and that life you want now. But you’re going to have to work for it.

    Sure, some people don’t have to do that. Some people are also born into obscene wealth, good looks, and charm, and have it all going for them, and some people are born horribly deformed and unlikely to ever get a date or even have someone be attracted to them. That’s the way the world works, and we can’t change that. So rather than bemoan your current state of affairs, work with what you’ve got and *make* yourself become that attractive, charming person as best you can. Someone *will* love you. But you have to take responsibility for yourself and face reality head-on before that happens. I’m sorry, but it’s true.

    I really do mean this with the best intentions, and I hope things will improve for you.

  20. have you never considered getting a prostitute? joining a swinger’s group? going to a bar and picking up a bar whore? going to a library and talking to a girl checking out a book? getting a sock and jacking off? calling up niteflirt? going to a camgirl site? …if you didn’t sound like you were the type to go and murder a person, I’d give you a pity fuck. *YOU* are responsible for your own actions, and blaming the rest of the world as to why you can’t get laid… is why you can’t get laid. as long as you choose to act immaturely, nobody except whores is going to want to be with you. so, get some mental help, man up, own your actions, and get a girl.

    i’m no supermodel… hell, on a scale to 1-10 i rate myself a 2 or 3, but in the past couple years, i’ve had 100 men *and* women, and am in two dedicated relationships, simply because I know where to look, who to talk to, how to talk to them, and how to be a pleasant person that people want to be around, even despite my looks. ALL of which without the help of my family, the government, or any such thing.

    perhaps, instead of being cloistered in your room, if you go out, live life a little, and be a pleasant person that people want to be around, then people will want to be around you more, and you might get yourself a girlfriend.

    • “…if you didn’t sound like you were going to go out and kill someone…”

      Yeah—like that stopped Charles Manson, Joran Vandersloot or any other violent thug from being a ‘chick magnet.’

      I wish you women would stop pretending that a man’s being anything other than one step above an ape really appeals to any of you.

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  22. Your post is not even funny. You need to study comedy to find out what will work and, perhaps more importantly, what won’t work, comedically.

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