Fun times with Manbooberz

This will basically be a rather quick response to various statements made by various posters reacting to my latest post on Manboobz, after which I was promptly banned again by David Futrelle, who banned me because he wanted to silence me in August and made a terrible, debunked flimsy excuse for it. In fact he didn’t like the content of my posts and that’s all there is to it. If he bothered to read my e-mail he’d know that too.

Some Gal Not Bored At All starts off…

Yay! The government dating service idea again. Forcing women to go on blind dates certainly isn’t misogynistic in any way.

These women would be PAID to go on blind dates. Nobody would be forcing them no more than they’re forcing you to work. You’re paid for the dates.

the bewilderness says

Wank on wanker, you are not entitled to other people’s body parts.

And is absolutely correct.

Some Gal has a prediction….

Let’s say we do a government dating service, stam will still be incel because I can’t imagine any woman going on a blind date with him, learning he’s responsible not just for this bad date but all the bad government dates she’s been forced to go on, and not leaving. Immediately.

This is entirely possible.

pecunium has a question….

Why should the gov’t be in the pimp business?

Because it’s not a pimp business. These women would go on blind dates where they could reject men and be rejected. The difference between this and a dating agency is that this program would be available to everybody, would contain no scams and would ensure much more men a chance than dating agencies do. I won’t even mention dating sites, which are horrible due to women flaking and getting plenty of messages daily.

To my assertion that feminists are mostly women, which means they have likely never even heard of incel, let alone experienced it he replies with

Cause any chick can get laid at any time, right? 


No. That is not what I said at all. There is nothing from my sentence above to make a logical conclusion that I think there are no incel women. Feminists are mostly women, which means they have likely never even heard of incel, let alone experienced. Likely. Nowhere did I say there are no incel women, nowhere at all.

Shiraz pops in….

Giving sex as a way of keeping men from murdering. Yeah. Who wants to volunteer for that duty? Anyone? No?

These women wouldn’t be giving away sex to keep men from murdering. They would go on 30 blind dates (I’ll explain later why that would be the maximum) during which they would seek a suitable partner. It wouldn’t keep all men from murdering. It would keep most of them, in case they do somebody, happy and no longer lonely. It would prevent some suicides and a murder-suicide here and there (Sodini was incel but he only killed women, I’ve seen incels fantasize about killing random people due to frustration and been there myself).

And continues with….

And never invoke the name George Sodini in a empathetic tone in my presence. EVER.I mean, if you’re just fucking around and trying to instigate emotional responses from regulars by going extreme, you are still a major fucking asshole. That dude shot women because he couldn’t get a trophy girlfriend much younger than him to overlook his obvious fucked-up-ness. That you would invoke any of this shit just to troll makes you pond scum.

I am not empathetic to him more than any other dead person who didn’t deserve it – I simply don’t care too much. It is true that Sodini likely wanted a 20 year-old girlfriend, which was extremely bizzare and unrealistic. However, we can’t really guess to how much he’d love her and how he would treat her. It’s all purely assumption.

Kim is all about sex 😦

There are women who are willing to have sex with incels. They are called sex workers. Has the troll explained at any point why that’s not good enough for him?

But, but, I explained it’s not about sex !!!

The Kittehs’s Unpaid Help explains….

Kim, if you’ve the stomach for it, the link Katz provided to the original thread (on the previous page of this one) gives pages and pages and pages of why this creepy specimen thinks nothing less than government coercing paying women to date “incels” is good enough. Also why his parents are murderers for not getting him a girlfriend, why it’s perfectly understandable that men will go out and commit mass murder because they haven’t got a sex slave girlfriend. This from someone who claimed to be 24 and to have had sex some six months before … yeah, really “incel”.

If you put strikethrough on words like feminism misandry and feminist boyfriend  mangina in some other text made by her just because you feel like it she might on her way to becoming a raging MRA. I like how she uses the word understandable. What the fuck does that mean? Everything that happens in life is in understandable in one way or another. Mass murder because of incel is rare, but understandable because it sorta… happens? So is being struck by lightning.

The little moron was on about how he didn’t know how to approach women so that he’d know within half an hour whether they wanted a relationship with him or not.

Kitteh is talking about the fact that I once said a girl said she wanted to be with me after half an hour. Her idea that I know whether or not women want a relationship with me within half an hour is a completely distorted echo of an experience I talked about there and on this forum. I will talk about a lot more about it, so you have to follow the blog to understand all this. Of course, what she said here is nonsense.

Weatherby has something to say…

he links to his original appearance on Manboobz in the context of creating the impression that he was the reasonable one and everyone else (full disclosure: including me) was “intolerant commentators most of who have reading comprehension of 7-year-olds”.

This is a guy who, in the thread that he himself linked to (so he’s presumably stands by what he said), thinks that:

Yeah, well, before I start quoting what he thinks I think I should remind him that no matter  what my ideas are they don’t make a lot of Manboobz commentators immune to severe deficiencies in reading comprehension. I intended to make a post debunking some of them but didn’t feel up to it at the time- it will just remain a draft. I have to say there were some good posts too.

So, here, are my thoughts, according to Wetherby

• the government should pimp women, not as prostitutes (perish the thought), but “willing partners”;

Whatever, I explained it’s not so already.

• such a service would not be available for women, because they wouldn’t need to apply (presumably because they can get sex with a mere snap of the fingers);

Most women can get sex with a mere snap of fingers but I don’t recall ever explicitly saying such a service would not be available to women, I just talked about men as those who would be the prime beneficiaries. I doubt ever saying that women wouldn’t need it. Futrelle deleted many of my posts anyway so searching for it useless. Anyway, I think such a service should be available to women, but their numbers will be low and they will be very unattractive. That is reality. I also find it funny that commentator CassandraSays claimed no women would apply for the male part of service while he’s bitching that I think it would not be available for women.

• his parents deserve to be killed for failing to fix him up with a girlfriend (though this isn’t a death threat);

That’s correct, not a death threat. If every time we said somebody deserves something very bad happen to him was seen as a death threat the court system would collapse. And, yes, they deserve to.

• rape is less traumatic than celibacy (apparently you can just “get over” rape);

I believe that among  the same number of very long incel men and raped women incel men will suffer more – not that much more but they will suffer more. I am also convinced that more incel men than raped women will commit suicide. I cannot prove that, but neither is he able to prove his which he holds on with religious fervour. But I am pretty much convinced that 10 men suffering 10 years of incel vs 10 brutally raped women will suffer more. Only a liberal fool could claim othewise.

• Norwegian rape apologist and Anders Breivik fan Eivind Berge is one of the great thinkers of our time;

He’s none of those things but this post is already too long and it’s not important.

• if you don’t know within half an hour of meeting someone whether they’re a potential life partner, there’s no point even thinking about taking the relationship further

I explained this already.

• he took people’s advice to get therapy, but his therapist refused to fuck him, even outside office hours when it would apparently have been OK;

That is correct, but what’s he missing is that I was a virgin at the time. She would have helped me a lot more by doing that than using meds or talk therapy. Of course, there was a danger of me falling in love but low because I was already really bitter and jaded. Luckily, I lost my virginity with somebody last year. I currently have a male therapist but would not ask a female therapist to have sex with me any longer because my goal isn’t sex. I tried sex and it’s kinda sucky in a pleasant way without love.

• he got laid twice in 2012, despite apparently being “incel”;

I got laid about 10 times in 2012 and, yes, I’m technically I’m not incel since 6 months have not passed since the last time I had sex. Still, it’s a pure technicality. I waited a long time to get my first kiss and long enough for my first sex to become so ill that I could only do it with awful women that humiliated me and treated me like shit. I am actually much more poised to kill myself in 2013 now that I’m no longer a virgin since the desire to lose my virginity was the main motivational factor in my life before May 2012.

• his lack of success with various girlfriends is mostly their fault;

This is something that he straight made up. Why, I don’t know. Every failure with every girl was a different story but it’s impossible to blame me or them. It just happened the way it did by us interacting. I am the first to admit that I repelled every girl I was with by being moody, insecure and emotional. Women are extremely cruel and unforgiving, much more than men, but I don’t blame them, it is in their nature.


Dammit, I missed the incel whiner. They really are the most entitled asses in the manosphere, and that’s quite a feat.

You probably think you’re entitled to your life. So are incels. When an incel kills himself because he couldn’t stand the pain thanks to you you have deprived him of his entitlement.

CassandraSays always has something smart to say….

The combination of “had sex 6 months ago” and “incel is a lifelong condition!” is extra lulzy.

Incel can be a lifelong condition. It’s not always and I never said that.

This is probably the most sickening post I’ve had to comment on. CassandraSays is also a poster who, during the Eivind Berge discussion, made a horrible statement that since I don’t understand economic coercion on women because I would offer them to earn money while horribly labouring at trying to get a partner in their life, I also don’t understand the concept of sexual consent or something. A disgustingly stupid person with a monstrous comment….

It starts with thenatfantastic saying

 Angry incels are the utter worst, normal MRAs tend to excuse rape, these fuckwads actually encourage it.

To which Cassandra replies

It’s more than that, it’s that they want everyone to agree that they ought to be entitled to rape people and expect others to express sympathy about the fact that it’s neither legal nor socially acceptable for them to do so.

What? Incels want everyone to afree that they ought to be entitled to rape people and express sympathy that they can’t? Her claim is based on a single blog by an MRA who’s not even incel.

Wetherby knows what my problem is….

The silly thing is, despite his endless whining about how lonely he is, it’s never been easier than now to get a sympathetic hearing about almost any subject, even if it’s only online. As he himself demonstrated: after all, during his recent visit, he got to chat to several real live women… and proceeded to alienate and repulse them pretty much from the off. But that was his decision.

Lol. Almost all of these women were feminists who dismissed the problem out of hand. Feminists couldn’t care less about incel men. Incel Bingo appears on Manboobz to mock incels. Basically, liberalism has no answer to incel but therapy and vague misandric ideas about not being a creep that never produce any result with women as once you have to think about how not to be a creep you’re pretty much fucked. Incels are expected to be silent drones, else they are ridiculed and declared dangerous, which some of them are, but due to inaction of society. 

I do communicate with women in my daily life but I don’t bring up my incel problem much as they tend to give crappy advice and not understand the problem. This is not because I hate women – it’s how things are.

CassandraSays goes on…

This is a thing that always vexes me about these guys – OK, so you don’t know how to relate to women or form relationships with them, and this is a source of distress to you. And now here you are talking to a bunch of women, some of whom are attempting to explain precisely what it is that you’re doing wrong. A useful learning opportunity, right? But no, every damn time they respond by trying to rationalize away the advice that they’re being given and insist that their (already demonstrated to be unsuccessful) approach to dating is more valid and realistic than what all the women, and the men who have experience successfully dating women, are trying to tell them.

No, I think every sane man should pass on a learning opportunity from women like you. Yuck. Oh, and you mean the men who have experience successfully dating women unless they’re PUA’s?

There is simply no good advice for some people. There are women in incel communities. I’ve never seen their advice help anybody. Incel Support forum has been turned into a politically correct fascist hellhole led by women and their servile male slaves who ban you for disliking fat chicks, saying looks matter or for having suicidal thoughts they’re “not equipped to deal with”.

I’ve seen women on Love-shy too. No, they can’t help men but by entering into relationships with them. Some people, like a 30 year-old kissless Aspie  are just fucked. My program would at least give him a chance to go on his first date.

emilygoddess becomes personal…

Aw, I missed the creepy incel? I wanted to ask him about the time he blackmailed a woman for sex. If you read his blog post about his dating history, he comes across as a budding abuser. But no, he’s not the one with the problem…

Actually, I did not blackmail a woman for sex. What happened was that she promised sex to a sensitive, sexually inexperienced guy once just to change her mind because I said it will be weird doing it with condoms (of course I was going to use them, I was extatic about the opportunity to have sex). After three full hours of me trying to talk into doing it with me and explaining she’s making a fuss over nothing she agreed to do it again, just to change her mind when I asked her to say “brb” before taking 15 minute leaves. After that I called her on the phone, cried over the phone because of the humiliation, begged her not to treat me like that, begged her to allow me to have sex with her just once while she laughed. Than I got really mad, insulted her and she hung up. After that, in a state of dissaray and extreme rage I posted one fucking picture of her face, without her name, not expecting her to contact me ever again. But she called and offered sex to take it down and I caved in like a little desperate pussy I am, agreeing that she will come for one hour only and that there will be no kissing or oral. 

Guess what happened then? Not only did she remain for 5 hours but she liked having sex with me and contacted me first after it happened. We even became a couple though it should have been obvious one could never be with such a demented person for a long time. I left her, but I know she never loved me or cared for me, she took it with a smile.

But that’s beside the point now. This is what incel feels like. Despair. I didn’t blackmail her, but don’t bother trying to say I’m bullshitting – I would gladly blackmail her if only I thought she’d have that sex with me that way !  I didn’t contact her at all but just put the picture and she stunned me by calling.

That bitch deserved it. Oh, and look, and she wanted to be with me after that? Noncel monsters, especially women, would say I should have walked away – when was I to have sex again if I did? You have no empathy, nothing, zero, your empathy is toward a demented psychotic spoiled cruel bitch who played with me like a toy. I am incel, which means I have to take every chance I get, no matter how spineless I must become. If I didn’t fuck her when would I fuck another girl?

And, dammit, I was gonna comment on some other Manboobz quotes but this is more than enough to see what liberals and feminists are and why they’re no friends of any incel.

A budding abuser? I have not yet begun to describe what women did to me in my life on this blog. It devastated somebody as helpless as me completely and turned me into a sick outcast with no future. It doesn’t matter whose fault is it. I am like that and they caused me pain. I know I shouldn’t be dating at all because I am not a monster like 99 percent of humans are but girls in my life never cared about my fraility, they just destroyed me and went on like nothing happened.

I will eventually start kicking back, out of sheer helplessness. It’s the fate of the weak.

I’ll finish up with Cassandra…

On the incel thing again…I know some guys who’ve spent long periods of time single and/or celibate, and not by choice. None of them have ever expressed a desire to go shoot up a jazzercize class, or expected the government/their parents/the universe to provide them with a girlfriend.

This is because they are reasonable adults. The incel guys should try it some time, it’s a lot more fun than being a whiny adolescent for the rest of your life.

Of course, she fails to mention how long have these guys been incel. I’d be surprised if some of them were for 20 years or more. And even if they were in that case they’re the ones who have something wrong with them. You can’t claim something is normal just because it’s convinient to you – it’s utterly dishonest – just like most Manboobz posters are.

Edit- just had to add these two comments comment to show how delusional people who don’t know about incel are (first example) and how little common sense they have (second example). This guy first asks what incel is and than makes this idiotic question

Why don’t male incels and femal incels get together and sex each other up?

Maybe because most men have never met an incel woman in their lives ( I know I never did). Maybe because the ratio of incel men to incel women in their online communities is like 20:1. I will provide exact data for love-shy forums if anybody asks me to. 



pecunium, a resident liberal fanatic full of hot air has a problem with my program…

The way in which he was doing it was worse than just ridiculous theory on forcing women to fuck, “incels” (and yes, is was force, if a woman went on too many dates without putting out she was punished)

Note how he puts incels in brackets and doesn’t even say how would the woman be punished. This man is scum.  Yes, after 30 unsuccessful dates she would be fired. How else will you prevent a woman in a happy, stable relationship from having zillion unsuccesssful dates (provided that she doesn’t find a guy she likes more during those, but who knows when that might happen) and gaining a lot of money from going to dates with dudes she will very likely not want to be with, and almost certainly not with one she finds during the first 30 dates?

25 thoughts on “Fun times with Manbooberz

  1. You ask why I said you want to put the gov’t in the pimping business. This is why (from the comment you tried to place inappropriately in my blog.

    However, I have to react to this – you said that women would be punished for not finding a partner in my program. That is correct, they would be fired after 30 unsuccessful dates. My question to you is – how else could you prevent scammers? What is to stop a woman in a very happy relatioship from going to 300 surely unsuccessful dates (providing that she won’t like some guy more) and gain a lot of money for doing that?

    That bit where they have to put out, or get out? Where the job you have arranged for women who are having hard times (because that was the model you posited in the comments back in August 2011 which got you banned), have to either fuck, or be fired.

    That’s forcing them to have sex in exchange for money. That’s pimping.

    • Um…. Pecunium, judging by your idiotic comment you seem to have misunderstood what I was saying completely. That’s quite possibly my fault – I was replying to dozens of hostile posters, English is not my first language, it was my debut on Manboobz, I was banned before I possibly had the chance of explaining this etc. Anyway, here’s my explanation – first, this isn’t about sex at all. All the women applying would be looking for a relationship.

      As for dates themselves, every woman would be paid the same amount of money. A woman who found a partner on a second date and a woman who didn’t find one after 30 dates would both be fired and paid the same amount of money. They’re being paid in advance for a maximum of 30 dates but that doesn’t mean they have to go on all of the 30 dates if they find a suitable partner before they go on all 30 dates.

      Do you understand now?

      Also, I saw your comments on Manboobz about me liking you very much and following you around. This is complete nonsense. After my August ban I wanted to say something to at least 5-6 posters who were commenting but found out that most of them didn’t have a blog link in their nickname. The ones who did have it were Cliff Pervocracy and you (or I somehow found your blog, don’t remember). I sent both of you one message. During my third apperance on Manboobz you were the one who made comments, while Cliff Pervocracy didn’t participate at all. Which is why I wanted to explain how women would be, as you claim, “punished”. I really didn’t feel like messaging you again but I just had to explain why you were wrong – I wasn’t lying, sending you a message was like “ugh, don’t wanna do that, but have to”. The fact that it was produced on a blog post about food is also irrelevant and the fact you’re pointing it out indicates the level of your hostility to me. None of the posts on your blog talked about anything similar to what I wanted to say.

      Also, I might explain why my banning was completely unfair by copy/pasting my e-mail to Futrelle on Manboobz (with some info about the names of people involved that was sent to him via e-mail involved scrubbed) but 1. you guys probably wouldn’t care 2. Futrelle might delete it because it shows how dishonest he is 3. He just might say he’s blocking me because of extreme nature of my posts and not because of the events that led me to use that Robert P nickname and that he has the right to ban anybody he wants to.

      Any more comments/questions?

    • Now I’m curious. What did he say, exactly? If he said what you said in this comment, it’s not really forcing them to have money for sex. You can call it exploitation of the poor people’s situation, but 1) in many countries we have a lot of welfare for that, and 2) if someone agrees to such a job by their own free will, we can’t say the employer forced them to do anything. The circumstances did.
      Does his program involve taking random women off the street, and forcing them into this job, where they either have to put out of be fired?..

      • Emma, you will almost certainly not get a reply from Pecunium. He probably doesn’t read this blog anymore. Pecunium is a liberal fanatic and thinks that the 30 date limitation somehow punishes women who are either forced to choose a man or be fired. First, I’m not even sure if he understands we’re talking about dates to find a partner, not sex, as 1. most this discussion was led back in August on Manboobz 2. he’s a blind liberal fool but let’s say he does. He doesn’t understand that they will all be fired after 30 dates, whether they find a partner or not – all of them would get the same sum of money ! Let’s say Anna found a guy she liked on her 10th date and Maria didn’t find one after 30 dates- they both get the same amount of money, they both stop being in the program. Maria could remain in the program but there’s a worry that she might be scamming it.

        Some posters on Manboobz did realize that but then said it’s immoral because it uses poor women. I find this argument disgusting. 1. Wouldn’t single poor women like to get more money they get on welfare and try to meet a man they desire than be unemployed?

        2. Liberals keep saying how there are incel women. So why wouldn’t some of these incel women apply? They do exist, don’t they?

        There was an even nastier argument – that all incel men are creeps so no woman should be going on dates with them.

        “Does his program involve taking random women off the street, and forcing them into this job, where they either have to put out of be fired?..”

        Such questions mean I have to make the program available for reading on this site as soon as possible. For now I’m done with talking about other issues. Of course that the women would freely apply.

      • GGG,
        I only asked that question, because Pecunium implied this was what you were suggesting. But I read your page where you explain these things, which shows me you were not suggesting rape, kidnapping or other forcing. Something didn’t add up, so I asked.

        Indeed offering poor women money to meet up to 30 men; and forcibly grabbing them off the street, raping them and stuffing money into their pockets are two completely different things.

  2. Surprisingly, I did meet some reasonable people on Manboobz, but they are a minority. Most of them
    1)Don’t read what you’re saying (dunno why, they just don’t, and go ahead destroying an argument they THINK you made, even if you never made it)
    2)Are there to “mock”. I came to that site a couple of times, and it was told to me that “This is a mock site, not a fact site”, so to get facts, I need to go elsewhere. Manboobz is not a place of facts and logic, they admit it themselves.

  3. That bitch deserved it.

    For…changing her mind after agreeing to have sex with you? People are allowed to do that. It’s not always personal, and it’s very rarely done just to “toy with you” or whatever malice you’ve ascribed to her actions. Maybe she just wasn’t that into you. Maybe she didn’t feel like having sex that week. Maybe she felt it was moving too fast. There are all kinds of reasons that aren’t malicious.

    Then again, maybe it was because she discovered that the person she’d agreed to have sex with was an abusive creep who would gleefully blackmail people into sex. That’s not exactly a turn-on for most people.

    • For…changing her mind after agreeing to have sex with you? People are allowed to do that. It’s not always personal, and it’s very rarely done just to “toy with you” or whatever malice you’ve ascribed to her actions.

      Stop lying and omitting parts of my texts that don’t confirm your bullshit, you man hating feminist robot scum. She didn’t “agree to have sex with me” as I never asked her to, she proposed it herself at first. She changed her mind twice in a couple of hours over shit like me saying I’d find it weird with condoms or asking her to write “brb” when she dissapears during our talks. She also, I say it once again, explicitly told me she wanted to torture me.

      Maybe she just wasn’t that into you. aybe she didn’t feel like having sex that week.

      Then she shouldn’t have proposed it at all, let alone did what she did. You idiot.

      Maybe she felt it was moving too fast.

      WHAT was moving too fast, you stupid moron? I just told her she’s a stupid spoiled bitch and blocked her on Fb before she first proposed to have sex. Also, she already rejected me in June – I didn’t think we were going anywhere after she contacted me again in September as we were mostly calling each other scum before she said she wants to have sex.
      You’re a fool.

      There are all kinds of reasons that aren’t malicious.

      These reasons would maybe apply if I proposed that we should have sex in the first place, if I was trying to seduce her or if she didn’t change her mind over meaningless shit twice in couple of hours, you moron cunt. And, for the 1000th time, SHE LATER EXPLICITLY SAID SHE WANTED TO TORTURE ME.

      Then again, maybe it was because she discovered that the person she’d agreed to have sex with was an abusive creep who would gleefully blackmail people into sex. That’s not exactly a turn-on for most people.

      No comment of yours shows just how insane you are more than this one. You are willing to completely deny the sequence of events you yourself described in order to produce another pathetic shaming attempt.

      She proposed to have sex and changed her mind about it twice in order to torture me before I ever “blackmailed her” posted her picture and did nothing else. I did nothing to deserve that at all.

      It was after I posted her picture that she finally wanted top have sex again without changing her mind. You make it seem like I tried to make her have sex with me because I liked her, she changed her mind I went on persuading her. This is complete nonsense, a product of your rotten non-existent feminist brain.

      Wow, so she changed her mind because I “blackmailed” her even though that was when she finally agreed to do it. You pathetic fool.

  4. GGF;
    Reading the female comments at Manboobz makes INCEL look like a good deal. Imagine spending your life with a gang of slags like them?

    • Katz, I see that my comments on Pierre article were not approved though they contain no insults or extreme content. In fact, they’re merely pointing out that going on dates means nothing when it comes to incel if all the dates fail. Unless you approve my comments or give me a satisfactory explanation to why they’re not approved you will have the honour of being the first person banned from this blog.

  5. Yes, well at least us slags at MBZ aren’t writing letters whining to the government because of a case of chronic entitlement. Seriously, this guy isn’t even incel (not a thing, BTW), by his own admission.

    Inability to get laid is not a government problem.

    • Hellkat:
      ‘Inability to get laid is not a government problem”

      Actually I agree with that since the government has shown itself completely incompetent to do much of anything. I’m afraid that if they had a program for INCEL guys, a Mamboobz Slag is exactly what I’d be given.

      The government does however need to recognize that INCEL is a problem. Even the Romans reformed their laws when women started treating marriage with contempt, running after thugs, and throwing their kids into abortion mills.

      The Roman government stopped paying welfare to single mothers and outlawed abortion. That would be a good start for us too, wouldn’t you agree?

    • Oh, it’s hellkell, a person who believes that a chronic near-total or total absence in a person’s sexuality of intimate relationships or sexual intercourse that is occurring for reasons other than voluntary celibacy, asexuality, antisexualism, or sexual abstinence doesn’t exist.

  6. You’re right, I don’t believe in incel is a thing. I do believe you need help that can’t be given from a government or from whining on a blog.

    • Do you believe that chronic near-total or total absence in a person’s sexuality of intimate relationships or sexual intercourse that is occurring for reasons other than voluntary celibacy, asexuality, antisexualism, or sexual abstinence exists or not? If yes, how would you call it?

      I agree that I need help but you know very well that I was refused help because my therapist didn’t want to have sex with me.

      Medication to treat the fever (depression) when I have cancer (incel) is no help at all. Neither is talking to therapists, many of who remind me of you.

      Also, it can be given by the government. There isn’t a single aspect of my program that couldn’t be implemented with no breaking of any laws or human rights. You’re just rambling.

      • “You’ve got the symptom and the disease backwards in that little analogy of yours. Therapists are not prostitutes. They are there to help you find ways to curb this obsessive behavior and to treat the depression.”

        I got the system and the disease wrong in my analogy, you scum? So cancer is a symptom of a fever? What are you rambling about? And I’ve told you they will not be able to treat me as long as I’m incel – incel is the cancer here. And your game is so pathetically obvious- “oh, you just haven’t found the right therapist and medication” or “it’s YOU that doesn’t want to change”, it’s never that incel is the problem. Why? Because it doesn’t fit into your cult of therapy, in which therapy is the solution for everything.
        Also, I never said all therapists should sleep with me, I suggested it to one female therapist while I was still a virgin. Prostitute? I had no attention of paying her. You scum.

        “You also have a very limited view of coercion. You admitted to begging for sex for 3 hours (coercion, manipulation), a complete disregard for consent (that no always means no, even if it was first a yes, which, yeah when a dude starts complaining about condoms it’s a red flag to get out of there since he doesn’t have respect for your body), and apparently no understanding at all about the coercive nature of prostitution. ”

        You callous piece of shit…. In her case, no meant yes as she agreed to have sex with me again. The fact you think she was coerced doesn’t bother me at least. You’re stupid enough to think that I had any other choice – you know what it would mean to give up? It would mean that my only sexual experience until today would be having sex twice for 30 seconds. So, yeah, I had every legal and moral right to try and persuade her, you misandric whore.
        Also, you’re LYING again. I wasn’t complaining about condoms, merely said it will be strange to put use as I didn’t use them with the previous girl. I never complained about them or had any attention of not using them. If I was talking about how it will be strange to use them I obviously had the intention of using them, you man hating whore.

        “Any woman who would sign up for such a program would have to be desperate for money and your program would be taking advantage of that desperation, just as pimps take advantage of desperate prostitutes. You’re talking about a government sponsored escort service which is just as coercive despite the claim made that sex isn’t mandatory.”

        Scum, does that mean that every job where poor women work is taking advantage of them? Besides, they wouldn’t even have to be desperate about money. Being single and willing to find somebody is enough. It’s not exactly a full-time job, going out with a guy once in a while. Employed women could do it too.
        Most escorts can’t reject the client, here women can reject seeing the guy ever again, let alone having sex with him.

    • Why would I ask him for sex? I’m not bisexual. The only reason why I go to that charade that happens ONCE A MONTH is to get meds. This is universal health care system. What work can be done once a month? Oh, yeah, no work can be done at all no matter how often I see him because he’s a charlatan, a modern day alchemist or a shaman.

      Also, you haven’t answered my questions and I’m very interested in your replies to them

      1. Do you believe that chronic near-total or total absence in a person’s sexuality of intimate relationships or sexual intercourse that is occurring for reasons other than voluntary celibacy, asexuality, antisexualism, or sexual abstinence exists or not?

      2. If you believe it exists how would you call it?

      • You man hating monster, I’m not trying to be anybody’s spokesperson and incel is not a movement but a condition. You think I don’t see how you just repeated what you’re saying about MRAs on Lietelle’s blog? They are a movement and some of you call them abuser’s lobby. And now you’re just repeating the same thing here like a robot. Pathetic scum. Besides, I didn’t abuse anybody. If you knew about incel you’d know that the therapist who didn’t want to sleep with me or my mother are murderers.

  7. I agree that I need help but you know very well that I was refused help because my therapist didn’t want to have sex with me.

    That’s because she’s a therapist, not a sexual surrogate. Or rather, while sexual surrogates are generally therapists, not all therapists are sexual surrogates – and unless they explicitly advertise themselves as such upfront, it’s much safer to assume that they’re not.

    As it happens, a sexual surrogate might do you the power of good – but you need to be sure upfront that that’s the kind of therapy that she’s offering. Because she’s not going to become one just on your say-so.

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