On creepiness,stupidity, suicide, psychiatry and what kind of a woman I would like

I’ve been called creepy more than once on liberal/atheist/leftist/feminist forums or blogs. I’ve been called so simply for refusing to live with my involuntary celibacy, for refusing to suck it up like a nice castrated drone.  And this is what makes those people creepy and me ashamed of being an atheist – they want castrated drones. They will go out of their way to pathologize natural male sexual frustration by calling such men mentally ill. In fact, is them who are mentally ill and unable to understand human nature.

This is what makes them extremely dangerous is not their blatant stupidity in which they immediately want to derail the discussion with utter nonsense like can women be incel or not when that isn’t even discussed. It’s their sick attack on human nature and sexuality that makes their ideology dangerous.

The fact that almost all women doing that have partners is not a surprise as almost all women can’t be incel but by choice. But you will find that many of these manginas don’t have a partner for prolonged periods of time and a number of them never had a girlfriend.

There nothing in this world so hated as the truth. People organize themselves into various groups, each based on their own shared set of lies. If someone contradicts them based on a different set of lies, this isn’t so much of a threat. But to tell the truth, this is the ultimate threat. Nothing is as unwelcome as the truth, which threatens all lies.

Thought question for the day: Why do people sit idly by and tell you it’s all up to you to help yourself when you’re incel/LS, but then scream for intervention and help when you’re suicidal? It’s like they don’t want you to be happy, they just want you to be alive.

And I think that’s the point I’m trying to make. If you say it’s all up to them to find a girlfriend, fine– then don’t block their free will and self-determination. But if you really care for a person and want them to not keep being suicidal, then you damn better figure out a way to fix what’s causing them to be suicidal in the first place. Not just “intervene” when they’re already at the point where they think life is worthless and hopeless.

Doing anything else is bullshit policy, and won’t change a damn thing. Men will still keep killing themselves in droves as long as their lives are tough as shit due to lack of sympathy (and other reasons).

The bottom line is that it is a person’s choice to determine whether what he did was right or not, not other people who think they know what’s best.

I don’t care how much suffering it caused other people. What matters is YOU. .YOU  are  the one who chooses to end HIS life. If your needs weren’t being satisfied by those around you and the society you live in you should kill yourself, if not take somebody responsible for it with you. Sounds callous but it’s the truth. The moment you’re staying alive to appease other people, you’re dead already. You need a life of your own.

fschmidt from the love-shy forums and Eivind Berge are some of the most intelligent men I have met online.  Both are educated and well read in various subjects. They were both incel at some points of their lives and suffered because of it. fschmidt was close to kidnapping a girl, Eivind Berge close to mass murder. I find their reactions normal for somebody suffering from years of incel. Fortunately, both of them have partners now. fschmidt is married to a loyal wife for 22 years and has two kids. Eivind Berge has a lovely anti-feminist girlfriend. Scum from sites like Manboobz or FSTDT would have never find that possible yet it happened. Some of their extreme fascist members suggest they abuse their partners. It just shows what kind of people these accusers are.

Their hatred is enormous. While fschmidt and Eivind use logic to bring out some unconvinient truths all they use are personal attacks and bad arguments. I know that I will probably be hated too because of my blog. But is an honor to be hated by such people.

As for myself, I would like to find a woman similar to those Eivind and fschmidt did  but I’m pretty sure it’s not going to happen.

11 thoughts on “On creepiness,stupidity, suicide, psychiatry and what kind of a woman I would like

  1. You can talk about involuntary celibacy in our #incel channel on the Efnet network. #flockofravens is the incel support’s chatroom and is on Dalnet. We aren’t part of incel support or the love-shyness forum, we are independent. As for this post, I hope you can find a woman that really understand you, it seems to me that you’re very open about your problems, and girls dont like that. But how is real connection possible when you have to create a fake self to seduce someone?

      • I’m not a woman so I cant really do anything for you. And I dont know any woman that I could introduce you (if I did, I would do so). I won’t try to change your mind. I wont reinforce your negative thoughts either. I frequent that chatroom but I find that talking about this subject is pretty useless.

  2. Gov’t/GF:
    It’s not, as Chamomile suggests that women find openness about problems a ‘turn-off.’ Otherwise, why would they reflexively jump into bed with every dysfunctional lout they can find? The fact is, that they flock to (decent) men who are hurting or emotionally wounded like a pack of hyenas. And even more bloodthirsty are the White Knights.

    Nothing they love more than kicking a man while he’s down.

    As I’ve pointed out on other MRA blogs, the social conditions in the Anglosphere are akin to famine conditions in the physical realm. And worse, our cultures shame and blame us to justify and excuse their own misandry.

    There’s no disgrace in being INCEL here since anything you could do to change your condition would be worse than staying single. It’s best to look to other countries and cultures where women are not conditioned to hate men.

    • I don’t live in the anglosphere, so your problems are foreign to me. It’s just that I know, from experience, that if you told a woman that you have trouble interacting with people from her gender, she probably wouldn’t help you. If you are inexperienced, she won’t think “I can help this person, letting him fucking me, I can teach this person some lessons about this part of life”. No, they cant see this simple correlation, they will send you to therapy or to a prostitute (if they are really honest). So you better dont tell women about your problem with women, cause its completely useless. They wont help you, they dont want to see what they give as “help” for the poor. They would rather give it to someone that already has a lot of things, someone that is rich. This is the main reason why Im not attracted to most of them anymore.

  3. Chamomile:
    Thank you for the clarification, I see what you mean. Actually, most women are far too selfish and ungiving to care about mens’ problems. I live in America, and a men with genuine relationship problems are viciously attacked by women and shamed in the mass media here. While it’s true here that a lot of women DO pursue dysfunctional males, the only ones they really want are the types of men who don’t want to be ‘helped.’ That way, the bitches can feel superior to men and stoke their own overbloated egos with the ‘good’ they’re doing.

    It does seem in a lot of ways that INCEL means different things here and abroad. A lot of American men are INCEL by choice—just because of sheer lack of options.

  4. Hi, I’ve been reading and finding this thread interesting. Incel is something I’m very familiar with as I was married to a woman who controlled our relationship by witholding sex and using ‘it’ as leverage to manipulate. I eventually divorced her.

    I understand that my experience is different to yours – one incel’s experience is not like another’s and there can be many reasons to why a person is incel. Medical reasons may limit a person’s physical ability to mate or to meet people. Distance may play a role too. Shyness blocks opportunity. It’s easy when we’re angry to throw incel blame one way, especially when we’re shy or have been burnt by ignorant or insensitive partners in the past. Having said that…men need to get laid. We produce enough seed each day to impregnate many women. The seed grows in us constantly and it never stops. The drive to get it out is in our groins and goes straight to our brains. It’s wants to get out! It’s designed to. That’s what it does. That’s what man is.

    Women say they understand men but they really don’t. They’re different. They get an egg a month and by the time they’re 40 they’re almost done with them. Women don’t need to orgasm to produce offspring. It’s the men that need orgasm to reproduce. Our bodies call to us and orgasm is a big part of our sexual identity. Sex is not sex until orgasm is reached.

    Most women agree that men need sex. The discussion, however, always gets muddy when penises (or eyes) wander. She thinks she’s entitled to own her man’s desire. She thinks she has the power to stem it. She bases this understanding of a man’s need to orgasm on her own. Remember, she doesn’t need orgasm. She doesn’t need to ejaculate. She wants him to chase her, to compete for mating rights and when she’s comfortable, she wants his sperm to flood the one egg she sends down,.. but only when she’s ready and made the right choice.

    If you’re a shy guy and can’t make the cerebral connection with a woman then you’ve little hope but to pay for sex and let one’s appreciation of money override all else. It’s worth it. They know how to do it right and they don’t see shyness. It’s better than crying into a pillow all night, raping women, children or animals.

    Like I said, I was married and had a mate… who wouldn’t. Imagine having a female right beside you, every night, and not being able to have her. I wrote a book about it… a novel.


    I wish you well on your quest.


  5. I’m 50 years old. Never had a woman, don’t want one. Not worth the trouble. Especially not in THIS once great country.
    Better to be alone for the right reasons than with anyone for the wrong ones.

  6. “It’s like they don’t want you to be happy, they just want you to be alive.” I hate all humanity and both genders (or any third, fourth, etc. “gender” to emerge) but dam this is the realest shit.

  7. Well, I hope that you are well, thatincelblogger. I am trying to get back into my photography. My sexual urges seem to have died completely, which is rather a relief. I still feel that women have a lot answer for.

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