Can a guy get a girlfriend if he’s nice and shaming techniques used by most women and manginas

Apparently, he can not. It is always your fault. You will never be good enough unless you’re successful, when it is irrelevant if you’re good enough or not.

If you claim to be a nice guy and get women you will be seen as a nice guy. If you claim to be a nice guy and don’t get women you will be seen as a  Nice Guy™ by most women and all of manginas. All other criteria seems to be entirely irrelevant.

Of course, anybody with any brain could see that most genuinely nice guys don’t get women, who go for worthless scum.  The cruelty of calling every unsuccessful nice guy a sleazy man who wants to play nice to get laid is astounding yet it is never considered by feminists and their male lapdogs who use it.

Everything is rigged against men.

I was the best there could be to my ex-girlfriend. Instead she treated me like a piece of shit, blamed me for everything and disrespected me in any way she could. If I hit the bitch she’d be much nicer to me.

Women are scum.

16 thoughts on “Can a guy get a girlfriend if he’s nice and shaming techniques used by most women and manginas

  1. the better looking you are, the less mind games. Read my post about mind games and control with my parents. if she wants to make the relationship work, you’ll know it. If you only you want to make the relationship work, she will play you like a fiddle. YOU NEED to know how to play her mind games and mind fuck them….provided you pass the look test first…the better you do on the look test… easier the shit test

      • tricky use of words…she might “like” you, but does she think you’re “hot” or “sexy”. If she does, she will play less mind games with you and would try harder to make a relationship work with you. If she toy with you a lot and get mad at you for stupid stuff, she probably isn’t attracted to you physically. If she is, you can be very abusive and mean to her she will stay with you. Think about it, why would she miss her chances with a “hot” guy?

        I recommend you read my post about my parents.

  2. With an attitude like “women are scum”, and claiming that “if I hit the bitch she’d be much nicer to me”, it’s probably best for humanity if you give up trying to get a girlfriend. Seriously.

    So you had ONE girlfriend who was manipulative and played pointless mind games? Same here. The relationship lasted about a month and then, when I uncovered incontrovertible evidence that she’d told me a lie about something important, I was the one who broke it off.

    But did it make me think that women as a whole were scum? No, of course not – in fact, the very day after the relationship broke up I met her successor online: we emailed for a week, phoned for another week, hit it off spectacularly well on our first date both socially and sexually, and we recently celebrated our tenth wedding anniversary. Had I spent weeks wallowing in masochistic self-pity instead, I’d almost certainly have never met her at all, and our children wouldn’t exist.

    Would she have preferred to go out with “worthless scum”? Absolutely not – her ideal man is someone who’s calm and reasonable the vast majority of the time, but assertive when it matters (the last bit being important: being a pushover is not only a profound turn-off but makes you far easier to exploit and manipulate if your partner is that way inclined). Going from the other long-term couples in our social circle, I suspect that rule holds true for pretty much all of them.

    But the crucial thing is to learn the difference between being assertive and being abusive. Whenever I disagree with my wife, I tell her exactly why I have a problem with her position, and we discuss it like the intelligent adults that we are. I DON’T fly into a rage, call her names or hit her (and neither does she in return) because there’s no conceivable way that this will resolve anything, aside from hastening the end of a very successful and happy marriage – which neither of us wants. Things work between us because even when we disagree about individual things, we fundamentally respect each other.

    So the bottom line is that if your girlfriend doesn’t respect you, take the initiative, dump her, forget about her and move on. There are three billion other women on the planet, and plenty more to choose from.

    • I think you’re full of shit and assuming stuff. I don’t care about such a vague term as humanity no more than it cares for me. “Humanity” never did anything for me instead of mock me, tell me I shouldn’t be feeling any pain and point me to ridiculous false solutions like therapy.

      Other thing, I didn’t just “have one girlfriend is manipulative and played mind games”. A dozen women treated me horribly during the last 6 years. I am convinced that almost all women are worthless cruel people who go after brutal and immoral men. You should read other parts of my experiences with women to see what I’ve experienced. Also, bear in mind that I am involuntary celibate so I wasn’t able to replace these girls at any time.

      • Of course I’m assuming stuff – how could I not, given the mere wisps of narrative that you’ve provided so far? And I haven’t suggested things like therapy – it’s not remotely my style.

        But a statement like “I am convinced almost all women are worthless cruel people” is so flat-out wrong that you need to look long and hard into the reasons why you believe it. First of all, is it even true with regard to your own relationships? The story you posted yesterday about the girl who had second thoughts doesn’t strike me as being a portrait of someone who is “worthless” and “cruel” – she clearly didn’t feel that the relationship was going anywhere, so she backed out of it as quickly as was decently possible. I can appreciate that it might have seemed cruel at the time (I vividly recall being dumped in similar circumstances and thinking she was the most evil woman on earth for a good few weeks), but it’s actually a perfectly normal and reasonable thing to do. Certainly far better than being stuck in a situation that clearly isn’t working out, even if only one of the people involved can see it at the time.

        Incidentally, have you ever pulled the plug on a relationship yourself, or did you just hope things would improve somewhere along the line? Personally, I’d do it as soon as the mind games started being played – or something similarly dramatic to make it absolutely clear that I wasn’t going to put up with this behavior. And this is doubly important if this is a recurring problem in your own relationships.

        In the early stages of our marriage, my wife threatened to end it on three occasions, in all cases for pretty trivial reasons. So I waited for a good opportunity to make the same suggestion in return, and she was absolutely devastated – crying her eyes out all morning and genuinely thinking that the marriage was over. And when she calmed down we had a long talk about it and I apologized for being so blatantly manipulative but I needed to get across just how strongly I felt about threats to end something as serious as a marriage (something I regarded as a real threat, as she already had one failed marriage behind her). She understood – and never did it again.

        • I didn’t say you suggested therapy. I said a lot of people belonging to your cherished “humanity” did, which is one of the reasons I despise it.

          That statement doesn’t have much to do with that first girl I ever kissed (who I wasn’t even in a relationship with anyway so you shouldn’t say it is a relationship) but the second disaster I will describe has a lot to do with it. That girl treated me abhorrently and virtually permanently destroyed my life, which I realize only now. I don’t know when I will write about her as that story is much more complex.

          I have pulled the plug out of my last relationship, the one I mentioned on this blog. I have only had one relationship before that, though it’s questionable if it even was a relationship as there was no sex involved.

          Let me ask you – how did you find this blog? I appreciate your posts, just want to know… It’s not as if I’ve propagandized it…

          • If you genuinely think that bad treatment by one person (I’m assuming it was mental and not physical) “virtually permanently destroyed [your] life” and has convinced you that all women are “worthless cruel people”, then some form of therapy probably is the answer – though the blog might be a step in the right direction in this respect. I’m not greatly in favor of obsessive introspection and raking up the past, but I can see that it might pay dividends in this case – certainly in terms of clarifying what went wrong and working out a strategy to make sure that it doesn’t happen again, and that you don’t fall into the trap of (mis)characterizing an entire gender.

            It’s perfectly possible to have a very close relationship with no sex. One of my best friends is a former sexual partner – we didn’t have a particularly good sex life for various reasons, and decided that our friendship was so strong and that we had so many other common interests that the physical element was actually getting in the way. So by mutual consent we stopped sleeping together but remain the closest of friends some eighteen years later. I can’t think of anything I wouldn’t talk to her about, and often she’s the first person I contact if there’s anything I want to get off my chest. (My wife is fully aware of our past, and totally cool about us staying in touch – happily, she’s maintained a similarly close friendship with a former boyfriend, which I obviously can’t object to: fortunately, I really like both him and his wife).

            • Sigh… It wasn’t just by one person. I am saying I haven’t described it yet because I have only managed to describe the first girl that left an impact on my life. It gets far, far worse.

              Also, this is a blog on my life as an involuntary celibate. I didn’t lose my virginity until I was 24, and, believe me, it was not because I wanted it so.

              Also, you still haven’t told me how you found my blog.

  3. Gojira:
    The Mens Movement didn’t arise because women proved themselves to be too loving, caring and sweet to be endured. It arose because of female narcissicism, venality, ruthlessness, and misandry.

    I’m INCEL by my own choice, voluntarily haven given up the whole US ‘relationship scene’ when I realized that what American women offered was LESS happiness than staying single. The situation of a typical American man is like a Vietnam War soldier. Why go through these useless sacrifices for people who don’t appreciate or want it?

    Pick up any women’s magazine, or read any women’s blog, and what do men read about themselves? That we’re ‘male pigs’ and ‘slaves to our penises’ and ‘creepy older dudes’ and ‘boring nice guys’ and whatever other derogatory name you throw at us.

    Women have been telling us for decades that they hate us; finally we’re listening.

    • The Men’s Movement is tiny, which suggests that the number of people who genuinely believe that there’s a problem is pretty tiny too.

      In my experience, the number of women I’ve known well who come anywhere close to fitting that stereotype is a minuscule proportion of the total, and they tend not to last long as my friends once they show their colours. Even an aunt of mine who turned to radical feminism after being royally screwed over by her husband didn’t turn into a man-hater.

      And yet my female Facebook friends run into triple figures (I think the gender breakdown is as close to 50/50 as makes no difference), and a huge proportion of them are real-life friends as well.

      Which makes me (and, I suspect, the vast majority of my male friends) either implausibly lucky… or there’s something wrong with your thesis.

      • Gojira:
        Yeah, right.

        Two out of three marriages end in divorce and one in four American women are single mothers. But you don’t know ANY women like I described, right? And every man you know is happily married or in a satisfying relationship, too.

        What you’re saying is not even a mathematical possibility.

        As for the Men’s Movement being insignificant, I should point out that marriages to foreign-born women has been the ONLY marriage demographic increasing in the US. 1/4 married Asian-born women have American husbands; and 1/8 Latinas and 1/3 Europeans,

        So either all your happily married friends weren’t born here, or you don’t know many people.

  4. Gojira, with all due respect, your girlfriend was pretty bad at what she was doing if you were able to uncover her lie within merely a month. She was also particularly bad at spotting exploitable men, because she chose you. That’s very good and you can count yourself lucky, but it’s definitely not an experience you can use as a comparable example.

    Also, considering that you have developed and rehearsed very effective rules to deal with mind games on the part of women… isn’t that a sign that such mind games are a common occurrence?

  5. No, not at all – because it’s only happened to me once within the context of what I thought was a serious relationship.

    It’s not so much a case of “developing and rehearsing very effective rules” as applying common sense – if someone’s prepared to lie to you about something major, and there isn’t a valid excuse (for instance, a white lie to cover up planning a pleasant surprise), then the chances are that the relationship has no future and should be ended there.

  6. It worked for unmasking someone who lied to you during one month, so it must be a universally foolproof approach, and no further analysis is needed? What do you say when the lie is so well crafted that it takes years to uncover? What do you say to the men who have had to face life-changing consequences well beyond the end of a short relationship? Common sense is useless where it matters most.

  7. GGG- I’m a retarded bimbo who just talks about sex. GGG is giving me another chance to write something that actually makes sense.

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