5 years of incel- expected for an individual, scary in billions?

I’ve often been told that men who get violent because of incel were actually suffering from some other mental illness. I heard an idiotic example of Nelson Mandela, who was actually married twice and had children before he was imprisoned, as evidence that normal people wouldn’t hurt themselves or anybody because of incel. Cheesy, pop culture example like Susan Boyle is both retarded and gynocentric, disregarding both her past experiences and male sex urges.

Examples like “my friend who wants to stay a virgin” are even worse, completely missing the point of incel’s involuntary nature.

So let us imagine that everybody in the world became incel for 5 years. Let us further imagine that people don’t know they will be incel for 5 years. Every hope they might have in beating their during those 5 years will eventually be met with disappointment – everybody is incel for 5 years no matter what, remember?

How many people will start thinking that their incel might be longer than 5 years after some time? And how would the world look like?

In my opinion, Basically, this world would be on fire. Humanity would be on fire. Civilization everywhere would be in chaos.

Men would have a very high chance of getting raped, and as for women… That chance would exist virtually every minute. And what could one do? Send everybody to a therapist?

Think about it – would you be scared living in such a world? Would you be scared of you or your partner and family members being raped?

Luckily, we will never live in such a world. Instead we’re living in a world where men who have been incel for an year tops and women who have had a sex life since they were 15 telling incel men that they have to see a therapist and that their suffering is just depression. We are living in a world where advice to go to a therapist is seen as the best advice somebody could give you and where it is your fault that therapy didn’t help you. We are living in a world where it is believed that one should not even want love, companionship and sex if they’re to blame for not being able to obtain it.  We are living in a world where basic human needs like love, companionship and sex are seen as something once could go without because your PC zealot knows a friend who chose to be celibate longer you are.

A world sick beyond description.

50 thoughts on “5 years of incel- expected for an individual, scary in billions?

  1. Spending your days writing this incredibly whiny blog is not going to help you get any sex. You know what will? Two things. Change your behavior and lower your standards.

    No one owes you sex, dummy. You see, sex requires the use of another person’s body, which unfortunately YOU DON’T OWN. I know it sucks. Maybe you should try to become the type of person a woman would want to have sex with, instead of some entitled, self pitying noob.

    • I have changed my behavior and my standards are very low yet there are no results.
      I never said somebody owes me sex nor that I should own somebody’s body.
      I can’t try to become a type of person women would be interested in as it’s way too late for that. I’ll probably be dead within a couple of years.

      • Let’s hope your example will inspire “curvy” women and women over 30 to also see that nobody “owes them sex nor that they should own somebody’s body.” We have this double standard in our society where we must listen to what ales women but men can be judged harshly and told to shut up.

      • I have been counseled by therapists and psychiatrists from hell to breakfast. And that didn’t change anything. What finally relieved my suffering was taking an anti-androgen that reduced libido.

        On these blogs I see things like “try not being an entitled jerk”. And it’s true that self-pity is a turn-off. Also, many with Asperger’s hit the streets looking disheveled and smelling bad from skimping on daily hygiene. Some have speech impediments (characteristic of autism and Asperger’s); the strangled, monotone voice can cause everyone to be bored listening to him, even when he has something interesting to say. Such men, in short, have a lot of growing up to do. So, the question is: What does one do in the meantime?

        I was banned from one blog for advocating anti-androgens. After a lifetime, up to age 70, of being constantly enraged like Elliot Rodgers and the suicidal incels found on some of these. blogs. I finally calmed down and found myself a woman. She very likely would have been frightened off if I hadn’t calmed down first.

        Unfortunately, the anti-androgen I took is not allowed here in the USA. But since I’m close to the Mexican border, there were ways to get it. As you might have heard, many have gone there to get Viagra and other medications.

        I resent having to put myself in harm’s way to get it. As you have heard, there is a risk of being kidnapped and tortured.

    • RageintheBasement:
      ‘Change your behavior and lower your standards.’

      Attitudes like yours are the ones that produce INCEL men. I would advise you instead to change your own attitude and start treating men like human beings. Raise your own quality so that men actually men actually WANT to have sex with you. But American women can’t do that; hence men either expat or do without.

      ‘No one owes you sex.’

      True. But we men can say ‘no’ just as easily as you women can; and if you want it, you’d better start doing something to earn it for a change.

      • “True. But we men can say ‘no’ just as easily as you women can; and if you want it, you’d better start doing something to earn it for a change.”

        MGTOW (men going their own way) is a thing today. In Japan it has been taken to the extreme with the soshoku danshi (herbivore men or grass eating men). It’s almost a case of “no sex please, we’re Japanese”.

        The same women who are impatient with incel men making comments like “No one owes you sex, dummy. You see, sex requires the use of another person’s body, which unfortunately YOU DON’T OWN.” are the same women who are “whiny” when it comes to complaining about “where are all the good men”, when older or who are somewhat “curvey” complain that men bypass fat women. Double standards.

    • Any man who pays taxes is entitled to get sex period.. Since much of those taxes go to fund feminism directly or indirectly. If all my tax dollars that have ever gone to feminism were refunded, and no further tax dollars of my hard earned money went to fund feminism, then I would agree that I am not entitled to sex..

      • Not sure if you’re serious but rage is actually a decent person from what I remembered. She posted on Manboobz and everything but she seemed ok.

        And I don’t think there should be a specific term for it… modernists hate incels as much as they hate males, whites, non-manginas etc.

    • There is a way to get some relief, with an antiandrogen. One is depr provera and another is cyproterone acetate, aka Androcur.

  2. But Eric, RageintheBasement isn’t the one being the whiny tittie-baby about being incel. Hell, you don’t even know if he/she is incel, so you needn’t dispense your “advice”. Speaking of which, that’s some wicked logic skillz you got goin’ on there….. men choosing not to have sex are involuntarily celibate. Yeah, uh-huh.

    • Pam:
      Rage has said on numerous occasions that she is in a relationship. Obviously, I know that she is not INCEL.

      How can a person be INCEL voluntarily? It’s like being in a famine: a person can choose to go hungry instead of eating shoe leather and tree bark, which will make his condition worse.

  3. I don’t need to change anything, I’m married, happily so. And I did treat men very nicely when I was a single. I treat my husband well, now. And I have always treated men like human beings. I do understand that men have options and are capable of saying no. I have been rejected by men. It happens.

    It is interesting that you are the one criticizing American women for not meeting your standards, yet you are the one who is INCEL.

    I would encourage you to date foreign women if that makes you happy. I certainly don’t think you should give up and say you’ll be dead in a few years. But you have to understand that when you are sucked in a vortex of negative thinking, depression, anger, bitterness, and distrust of women, you are projecting a persona that is very unattractive to women, thus making your problem worse. I know you resent being told to seek therapy, but if you could find help from a good therapist, it would be helpful. You might also want to look into hiring a prostitute. Sometimes it just takes one encounter to break the ice and you will have more confidence. (I am not assuming that you are a virgin. You may be going through a long dry spell, however). Sitting at home writing your blog, watching porn, and playing video games is not going to lead you to finding a woman. They will only hold you back, and make your present situation worse. When you say that you have already changed your behavior, what specific steps have you taken? Are you trying to be more social? Do you make a point to make eye contact and perhaps say hi to people you pass on the street?

    I used to be painfully shy. And please don’t assume that because I’m female I had men chasing me down for my vagina. I was pretty much ignored by men until my early twenties. I was chubby, dressed badly, did not style my hair or wear makeup (this was during the grunge era) but worse than this, I had a very negative attitude. Most of my friends were pretty so they got all of the attention. When people made an attempt to be friendly with me, I would bark at them with some cynical or unpleasant remark. When I colored my hair red freshman year, a boy asked “How does it feel to be a redhead?” My response was to grumble “It feels like shit” and to walk away. No wonder boys weren’t interested in me.

    I can tell you from experience that there are really only two things that completely prevent you from being with a woman. The first is a negative attitude. If you are angry, bitter, or critical of women, they will not like this. Likewise they do not like antisocial behaviors such as refusing to make eye contact, excessive insincere compliments, touching when you just met, asking sexual questions, or
    staring. The second thing that will kill a woman’s attraction is poor hygiene. Do you have bad teeth? Are they crooked, stained, or missing? Do you have dandruff? Do you shower daily and wear deodorant? Do you wear clean clothes every day? I am not asking these questions to be insulting, but only to emphasize how important these things are to women. It would also be a good idea to lift weights and exercise, regardless of your weight, because this will raise your testosterone and build self confidence.

    Well, that’s my $20 worth of free advice. You can dismiss it and sulk away to your room if you want. I am really trying only to be helpful. I know when you are in a funk you don’t want to hear any good news. But the good news is you can change your attitude. And be persistent. Don’t expect your life to change overnight. It took me years to overcome my bad attitude. But once my attitude improved, so did my physical appearance. I lost weight, began to dress well, and now I am with an awesome man I love and who loves me. Please, don’t harm yourself, in the meantime. That is never the solution. It will get better.

    • Rage:
      This might come as a surprise, but I agree with a lot of what you said. Here’s two issues that probably should be clarified:

      1. Admittedly, I’m sceptical of government involvement to the degree the moderator seems to be proposing. However, it is an interesting thesis, and I do believe that the state of gender-relations has reached a point where it actually HAS become a national issue.

      2. There are two types of INCEL men: one is the type you seem to be referring to, who isn’t attractive to women, and the second (how I classify myself) is INCEL because of a lack of options.

      To your points:

      ‘I would encourage you date foreign women if that would make you happy.’

      I do—and encourage other men to do it. However, you’ll have to admit that the growing number of men who are rejecting American women and taking a course which is a lot more difficult than meeting the ‘girl next door’ speaks very ill of either the quality or quantity of available American women. Speaking from experience, I have little trouble meeting women abroad; here at home it is so bad that I don’t even bother anymore. It would be a lot easier if I didn’t have to leave the country and meet people from the same language and culture—but…

      You mentioned self-improvement working for you; I can assure you, as a single man, self-improvement is the one thing that DOES NOT appeal to American women. Men who do the exact opposite of your recommendations are the ones AW flock to; and if they’re abusive, sadistic thugs—even more so. This is another reason why men ‘voluntarily’ go INCEL or pursue foreign women: when you realize that absolutely nothing you can do as a man—other than becoming the type of man any real man despises—will gain any measure of success with women. No matter how much a man changes his attitudes, or however far he lowers his standards, he’ll still be nothing but a ‘boring nice guy’ who gets dumped for a thug anyway.

      Truthfully, if most women would take your approach of self-improvement a lot of things would change for the better. Unfortunately, as things stand now, the majority of AW are too self-centered and anti-male to appeal to most men and are resistant to change.

  4. Well, maybe I’m just an old fart (35), but in my life I don’t see people having problems pairing off. I know lots of women married to “boring nice guys” and they are perfectly happy. I can see dating being hard in places like LA and NYC, but I think if you were in a small conservative city you would have better luck. Maybe part of the problem is young women wanting to just live their lives, get an education, work on their careers, and have fun. They are really not too concerned with giving their lives to a man. That is probably bad for men, but I can’t blame women for wanting to be independent. When women have more options, can stay single, and support themselves, they don’t NEED to lock down a man at 20. This makes it harder for a man to get a woman. Maybe compare it to a 25 year old gay man trying to find a serious boyfriend his age. Most gay men at that age really aren’t interested in setting down. As women gain equality with men, one of the casualties will be getting married young. Fifty years ago, the average man could find a woman to marry him at 22. If he wanted to wait, he would get married at 28 to a 22 year old woman. It was easier for a man to dictate the time and terms of marriage and dating. Well that power is largely gone. You can be nostalgic and mourn those days, and build them up in your mind to be better than they were, but it won’t do any good. There is still one place that is immune to this, and it is the conservative christian community (See the Duggars) who marry as virgins in their early 20’s. Maybe becoming religious is an option for you. But if you want to play and drink and slut it up, but then expect a 19 year old virgin to be waiting for you at the end, that is hypocritical. Nowadays you can find a woman who is your equal. But the days of you being her superior are over.

    BTW, I’m kind of worried about this guy. He sounds very depressed. Whether he “has a right to be” is not the point. He needs help before he hurts himself.

    • Fembot, your proposed “help” is probably therapy, which will never help me be satisfied with being dateless. I am in therapy right now with my sixth therapist in 9 years and it’s not doing me any good.

      I think the root of this therapy idea is that incel isn’t a problem at all, and only problems are those that can be diagnosed. If not, please explain how I will be able to either a) get a girlfriend through therapy b) me more satisfied with not having a girlfriend through therapy?

      Because none of these goals seem achievable to either me or my therapist.

      • Therapy isn’t going to give you a girlfriend, per se, but it will make you a happier person, give you a better outlook on life, and perhaps keep you from harming yourself.

        • Therapy can help some people but it can not be scaled up to the macro. There are some men who will miss out. Humans are slightly dimorphic. That means that men are on average slightly larger than women and in nature dimorphism is consistent with polygamy and that is the natural selection force for larger men v women. Humans are slightly polygamous and imperfectly monogamous. . An extreme example is the elephant seal where one bull can have access to 100 cow elephant seals. The weaker males miss out except for the occasional sneaky male manoeuvre. Gibbons are the opposite. Monomorphic and monogamous. Infidelity has never been observed in the wild of gibbons. Why did God not make humans like gibbons? We are biologically destined to be unfaithful to his commandments. Some, indeed many people are completely monogamous but reforming the whole human society is never going to work. One problem I have with the god thing.

          So to therapy. Our slight dimorphism means most women are aiming for a smaller number of men. Some men will miss out. no matter what. Sad but true. Therapy may help some but can not reform society. Imagine you had a project to lift all people to above average intelligence. It’s going to fail by definition. A concerted effort to lift IQ scores can work but what will be the result on the bell curve? Half above average and half below average. Bring most men to develop desirable traits A, B, C and D then the percentile desirability will shift to those men who have traits A, B, C and also D, E, F and F to restore the same number of losers. Sad but true. A utopia or feminist, muscularist and any other sort of paradise is biologically impossible as much as improvement at the individual level is possible.

    • Rage:
      I might have to agree again, in that therapy often does more harm than good. I think though the attitudes of younger women is actually harmful to themselves as well as men (contrary to what Futrelle says, not all MRAs are misogynists). Reverse the paradigm and you’ll see what I mean: suppose a woman marries, like our grnadmothers did, in her mid-teens to a mature and settled man. In those years, she’s at her peak for childbearing and motherhood. When the children are grown; she’s probably in her 40s /50s; at an age when her maturity and experience allows her a greater ‘independence’ to pursue interests outside the family. The current paradigm has it completely backwards.

  5. And on your point here:

    “I do—and encourage other men to do it. However, you’ll have to admit that the growing number of men who are rejecting American women and taking a course which is a lot more difficult than meeting the ‘girl next door’ speaks very ill of either the quality or quantity of available American women.”

    I don’t see this as a problem I think a sufficient number of women have no interest in marriage, so the numbers will come out in the wash. Also, when women stop finding husbands en masse, they will change to adapt. That’s what people do.

    • Rage:

      Yes and no. If laws were relaxed somewhat to make foreign marriage a viable for many men, this might be true. When the US had an immigration wave between 1880-1920, a lot of men did marry immigrant (including two of my great-grandfathers). Then, as now, there was national surplus of men.

      The difference today is “a sufficient number of women have no interest in marriage” and that is a serious problem. There are those who teach that this situation is a ‘new normal’ and people will adapt; but this is an illusion. No society has ever survived without a strong family base and no society ever can. The numbers of unwed/single mothers and the offspring they’re producing is causing much more harm than good.

  6. I’ve been to therapy, and it was a useless endeavor since I picked a therapist thats a woman. most of the time its me explaining to her what incel is and she can’t get it. Normal people and incels like us like in 2 parallel dimensions/realities. Its like explaining the Z-axis to entities living in 2D

  7. Have you ever thought about having your testosterone levels checked?

    Maybe, supplementing with testosterone might help you break out of the vicious circle?

  8. Incel is just shorthand for “you don’t look good enough for the people you are pursuing” or, very occassionally for women and quite often for men, “you don’t have enough experience flirting with the other sex and escalating that flirting to get the person you are pursuing”. I think that is literally about it. Sex is the result of physical attraction and explicit sexuality, in the form of flirting, being acted upon by both parties. That requires both subjectively (in the opinion of both parties) matched attraction (a product primarily of looks, and matched because obviously if the person has more attractive options, they won’t pick you, and if you have more attractive options, you won’t pick them) and, mostly in the case of men, some amount of skill. Although some people do have good looks but not the skills (primarily because they are very shy or avoid intimacy), and for these people all that is needed is to become more outgoing, for most people good looks automatically lead to interactions with the opposite sex early in life and therefore the development of the necessary flirting skills. So I would say incel is primarily a reflection of the low physical attractiveness of an individual – sometimes only early in life (which retarded their skills and keeps them incel even once they come into their own looks wise) or sometimes, unfortunately, throughout life.

    When we talk about involuntary celibacy then, I feel that this description really masks what is going on to both the incel themselves and the reader. What is really going on is that some people are getting left on the shelf because they are not competitive, primarily in terms of their looks, in the dating marketplace. Sometimes this is only early in life, and later on their looks improve and although they may still lack the skills, eventually these too catch up and they enter relationships. Sometimes this is cyclical – young women having many options, young men few, and middle aged men having many options, middle aged women having few. Most of the time though, this works itself out.

    My point though is that this is really all about attractiveness. And if we want to improve the plight of incels, we shouldn’t talk as if this is some mysterious process. We should say straight up – you are most likely being overlooked because you are simply not attractive enough, or weren’t in the past and are now very bitter and antisocial. These are the primary causes of this phenomenon.

    The simple solution is –
    1) Improve your attractiveness
    2) Lower your standards until they align with your own attractiveness
    3) Become more social and gain experience in flirting and interacting with your desired sex

    Given how promiscuous people are, I wager that if every incel did this, none would remain incel.

    Having said that, the real issue, and the sad reality, is that most people still won’t be able to attract who they really want. Most people will always be held back by their attractiveness, not be able to experience the dream of having anyone they want, and will still have to compromise in their partner.

    But at least they wont be incel.

    • TM:
      Attractiveness has nothing to do with men being INCEL today. Women are educated to hate men and masculinity. They are ‘attracted’ (if you can call it that) to anti-masculine types: the metrosexual; the deranged psychotic; the violent thug; the dysfunctional retard &c.

      Nothing is going to change until women learn how to value men and stop seeing us as rivals, enemies, and inferiors. Any attempt at male self-improvement is destined to fail since it is male unattractiveness that is at a social premium in today’s world.

    • “Given how promiscuous people are, I wager that if every incel did this, none would remain incel.”

      I disagree. There is not someone for everyone. It the nature of trying to push everyone to above average intelligence. A project which will fail by definition. We all have desirability traits we look for in others but we choose those traits to fit a certain percentile desirability. Women are hypergamous looking up above themselves. Pity the few % of males at the bottom and the few % of females at the top who want someone equal or better than themselves. You can help the few % of males at bottom only to see the goal posts move away from them if done in the macro. Therapy can only work if few are receiving it. Gold can only get you rich if few others have it. Give everyone lots of gold and the price will drop to the floor.

    • But are women willing to lower their standards? From what I have seen on these blogs and from what I’ve seen in my own experience, they aren’t. Many way that they made it a point to go after the fat and ugly women and Plain Janes, and still no luck.

      At a single’s club where the men were far outnumbered by middle-aged and elderly women, I still was not desired by the women. The women were lined up, waiting to be asked to dance.. And when I came up, some ten women ran to the end of the line, knowing that they’ll never get a dance.

  9. I should add that very often you are not a good judge AT ALL of your own attractiveness, and most of the time, neither are other people. Of course, you can generally judge well enough if you are extremely attractive. But often, a small part of your attractiveness might have been missing and you may now be very attractive without knowing it, or you may simply be completely out of touch with your own attractiveness and not realise how many hungry looks are actually directed your way, or would be, if you had the social skills to give your attraction a chance.

    People are promiscuous animals. You would be very surprised, I’d wager, how large a range of people most people find attractive. Perhaps you are not attractive enough to land male or female models, but who is to say somebody more ordinary isn’t melting at the knees looking at you?

    The trouble is that there is so little help for people who have trouble in our highly unstable and unforgiving dating culture that often quite attractive people fail to realise how close they are to success. Incels are therefore a bit of a reflection of the failure of our social fabric – in that it destroys the self confidence of a great many people.

    Nonetheless, incels need to realise that with a bit of applied effort, it really is possible. The trick is to admit to yourself that you need to look good and can make yourself look good, and so should do everything in your power to do so, and to admit to yourself that your attitudes – whether in your choice of partner and standards or your antisocial behaviour and bitterness or simple lack of confidence – are part of the problem and likewise need to change.

    Sometimes the change is entirely internal, in simply convincing yourself (slowly) that your mind really has been feeding you doom and gloom lies and your life actually isn’t hopeless at all.

    I can’t guarantee that everyone who wants to succeed will – although I think almost all who do will, at least to the degree necessary for their happiness – but I guarantee that if you don’t want to succeed, you won’t. And for many incels, life has been harsh, but it really is about just building up the morale to get over it.

  10. Finally, I do not mean to belittle the frustrations of many young men who cannot find a partner for their best years because young women often have what they judge to be better options. It is extremely frustrating, and a grave disservice to men who often are guilty of nothing more than being intelligent, stable and grounded – which can apparently be anathema to so many women in ‘that phase’, intent on a race to the bottom. And I won’t sugar coat it – it is complete bullshit that violent men headed nowhere but jail (ie failures as people) are not only able to remain attractive to women (are you ladies fucking high?) but actually often enjoy GREATER success with women (hence why men say women are fucked in the head). I think this is not at all rare and really does demonstrate that women really are, to a degree, fucked in the head.

    Thankfully, they are generally not fucked in the head forever. And while it sucks that many men won’t attract their attention either until they reach 25+, or the woman reaches 25+, on the flipside the quality of the relationship will generally be the stronger for it and the man will ultimately enjoy a better life than some idiot in jail who had all the best ladies for a few short years.

    Sure, give that woman light hearted shit for her stupidity, but ultimately, if the harm is just a lack of hot memories from college/high school (where few relationships last anyway and the women and men are very immature) and a bit of hurt pride, you’ve probably got away quite well don’t you think?

    And there’s always the flipside – men often get more options in their 30’s than women, and the ladies end up having to chase you.

    So don’t sweat it, work at it and stay true to your fundamentals. Just because someone can’t see your value now, doesn’t mean they won’t in the future.

    • The attraction many women have for bad men us testimony to the fact that our cerebral cortexes are not in control. We have dark unconscious recesses which most social commentators fail to acknowledge. We all carry evil angels deep inside. They do not have to have control but those who fight the hardest to deny their existence often are the most easily succumbed by those forces.

  11. As for incel women – it sucks even more that men are attracted to beauty, but I am afraid this really is true and ingrained. That doesn’t mean you can be ONLY beautiful – and many girls fail to get committment because they are, put simply, trash at being nice people and far too selfish, thinking their beauty will save the day. Don’t rely on beauty, and try to become a good, well rounded and grounded person.

    But at the same time, don’t expect that men won’t go for beauty. If you yourself were being honest (something women have a very tough time doing) you would realise that perhaps looks aren’t everything (they aren’t to men either), but they are pretty bloody important to you, actually.

    So if you’re having trouble in the dating world, and aren’t acting like a total bitch and shooing the men away, then you really should take a look at how you could improve your looks. Thankfully, for women this isn’t all that hard (though as with men, can take time).

    First and foremost, you have to make sure you are slim. Some men are attracted to larger ladies. Very few though, and likely not the ones you want. Do yourself a favour and lose weight till you reach a relatively slim (don’t need to be super slim) weight.

    Now having said that, don’t get into an insecurity about your weight! Men are actually quite tolerant of body fat. But let’s be honest, you wouldn’t want your man fat and men won’t want you fat either.

    After weight, which is generally the biggest impediment to a lot of women’s looks (too many girls are overweight these days, and because they often lack exercise, they find it hard to change this) the rest is suprisingly touch and go – contrary to what you might think, men do not all want big breasts and big butts or blondes – in actuality, while they often agree on ‘hot or not’, their types are often extremely varied. Whatever size your breasts or skeleton, you’re probably fine. Don’t sweat it.

    Men and women generally do go for attractive faces, so if you have a problem there, it’s more serious. But women have so many more options here, and rarely have fundamental issues beyond simply inexperience with making themselves presentable.

    Makeup does work absolute wonders (don’t overuse though, men hate that – try to emphasize the eyes and leave skin tone mostly natural) as does general fashion and hygiene – extremely important to all women (as most know). The other big one is hair – find a style that stands out and suits you.

    If need be, get somebody to help you in your makeover but I can almost guarantee that if you take steps to improve your appearance and act nice to people, your attractivness will skyrocket – I reckon almost any girl can appear hot.

    One last thing. Many women make the mistake of adopting masculine behaviour, because they make the mistake of thinking that since it is attractive TO THEM in MEN, it must work the other way. IT DOES NOT! Men HATE masculanised women. It is not what you are meant to be. Men do NOT value power in women. They don’t necessarily mind it, but what they really look for is vulnerability, femininity, and the rarest and biggest turn on of all – kindness and love.

    Treat others kindly – while still remembering to flirt and tease and to look good – and you should have no problem.

    TL;DR: Just do something about that weight or bad behaviour!

  12. As for therapy – you wouldn’t go to a therapist to rebuild your house after a flood. It might help you with the emotions of having lost your house – and therapy certainly helps with the fallout of being incel – but rebuilding will be up to you, and for help with that you’d go to a specialised builder, not a therapist. if you want to solve your incel, stop relying on a bloody therapist and get back to the basics of building your attraction!

    If you really have no clue, ask for the help of someone who does, preferably a makeover specialist of some kind. Or those “Pick up artists” (Shudder, but I suppose at least they teach how to flirt) Fucking videotape yourself if need be. Do whatever the heck you can to get more information about what the problem with your attractiveness is, and how to solve it.

    But don’t expect therapy to make a difference in the core problem. It won’t

  13. I didn’t lose my v card til I was 30, and by that time the damage was already done. Even though I’m happily married with a child now, I still identify so strongly with Elliot Rodger.

    I never had the balls to do what he did, but if every incel did what he do society would have a true reckoning. It would be glorious.

    By the way, women force mysoginy upon us. I used to be the consummate nice guy. Trust me, we really do finish last. It wasn’t until I learned to treat women as objects that I finally started getting laid (a lot, sometimes two women in one weekend)). PUA works!

    I understand the rage and came very close to doing what he did myself. RIP Elliot.

  14. I can beat you hands down. I did not lose my virginity until I was 46. And my views upon Elliot Rodger are simple; he was a selfish little prick. He had the resources to get sex by paying for it; he chose not to take this option; therefore he was not Incel.

    That said, women don’t do themselves any fucking favours. They CONTINUALLY bang every sideways cap wearing dickhead going, whilst bemoaning the fact that they can’t get decent men. Hence I have given up on them.

  15. If you have given up on on women but need sex, then what? Why do you dissmiss my idea of taking an antiandrogen?

    Or maybe become a homosexual? I have heard that gay men never have trouble finding a partner.

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