David Futrelle – a liar supporting murder while engaging in censorship


I am not an MRA but this picture fits well in the article. Reasons for this title are as following 1. He is supporting my parents and my government in their murderous acts

2. He has decided to ban me without appropriate information to do so or asking me about any of the facts and decided to uphold my ban after I sent him  a very detailed explanation  throughly debunking his assumptions

3. He is in direct violation of his own comment policy, as his blog contains links to a site where innocent people have been defamed, a fact he chose to ignore even after I warned him about it twice. 

My ban which occured in August on  http://manboobz.com/, David Futrelle’s blog documenting online misogyny, after only a couple of hours on it clearly shows what kind of a deceitful and hypocritical scumbag David Futrelle is. At first it seemed  that my ban had less to do with the content of my posts, considering that they contained absolutely no misogyny and dealt with involuntary celibacy, in fact mostly describing my personal experiences and arguing that involuntary celibacy can have devastating consequences.  I cannot, however, disagree that the content of the posts was extremist in nature, presenting such opinions that my parents deserve to die, which is something I will explain in further posts.

It seemed to come down to a mere misunderstanding, or so I hoped –  but there was also reason enough for suspicion that Mr Futrelle decided to nip it in the bud, as several posters have urged to decrying me unstable and even dangerous , an opinion which he also seemed to hold judging by one of his comments which had something to do with a need for me to see a psychiatrist.

It seems that neither is true. David Futrelle is actually a demented old fool who either has the memory or reading comprehension of a 7- year-old or is engaging in most blatant lies I have ever experienced.

But let me try to describe the events that supposedly led to me being banned. It simply amounted to me using a name of a person which has two defamatory blogs on him. Even though my posts contained no links or references to any of these blogs nor did the content of my posts have anything to do with the said blogs Futrelle foolishly concluded that my posts were attempts at defamation. And that was it, no questions asked, not a single chance or a request to explain myself. Both of my accounts were permanently banned and all the posts containing that name deleted.

What Futrelle and his commentators don’t know is that me using the name of a person with defamatory blogs on him had nothing to do with any attempts of defamation. It was simply a login issue due to the fact I used that name for my first comment. After I finally got my blog account approved on his site too I started posting with it and while that account was finally banned too none of the posts made by that account were deleted. What happened was that after my blog account was given permission to post my login issues made me write a few more posts under that first name, which was enough for him to ban me.

The reason why I used that name in the first place is something I won’t say for now but my attempts had nothing to do with defamation.

I thought that explaining myself and the circumstances of the unfair ban would be easy but was soon to find out that David Futrelle didn’t care at all. He told me he didn’t even bother reading my very long e-mail explaining what happened and that my behavior was entitled and shady. My attempt to explain things in a lot  shorter version didn’t do any good at all.

I finally asked him to remove the address of a defamatory blog left on his site  a while ago but his only reply is that he declines to read that e-mail and that the conversation is over.  By doing that, he is going against his own comment policy in order to deliberately defame people he doesn’t like. He has virtually shown to be either too dense to read a few sentences informing him about defamation on his own site or his goal is to keep that defamatatory content – a more likely scenario in my mind.


Let me add, though it should be obvious by now, that I didn’t ask him to unban the nickname which caused trouble (and which didn’t even have links to any blogs) but rather this  blog.

My conclusion is that while  I’m sure David Futrelle did want to censor me and I  gave him a reason to do it without it looking like actual censorship he probably isn’t too aware of the circumstances that led him to make the wrong decision, let alone the truth. He has simply nothing to gain from hearing me out, seeing me as completely insignificant .

Of course, this might change once my blog, due to the content I intend to present, becomes extremely popular and talked about. Which is when more people will be able to figure out for themselves just how honest David Futrelle is, especially to those he views as beneath himself. The more I think about it less surprised I am. His actions are typical of spoilt person believing to be a star. His liberal brainwashing is irrelevant here – unfortunately, most people would act like he did in this situation.

Anyway, this is the link to the discussion http://manboobz.com/2012/08/02/norwegian-mens-rights-blogger-eivind-berge-released-from-jail-court-rules-that-threats-on-the-internet-do-not-count-as-incitement/

I am also preparing a huge post debunking the strawmen and assumptions made by his intolerant commentators most of who have reading comprehension of 7-year-olds. It will show why feminism and liberalism are a true mortal enemy of my ideas, as well as murderous ideologies.  However, I have yet to decide if that will be the next post or after I make more posts on involuntary celibacy.

Unlike what David claimed, I did not try to make Manboobz look bad. His lies, censorship and unwillingness to remove defamatory content a I warned him about TWICE is what made it look bad once again.

Edit: David has now deleted the defamatory link on his blog. It seems he had no intenton of defaming innocent people but was just too dense to read my e-mails.  I have no idea how he found about it just now but I am glad it is gone.

8 thoughts on “David Futrelle – a liar supporting murder while engaging in censorship

  1. Governmentgetsgirlfriends:

    If you follow Manboobz’ blog, you’ll find that ‘Rageinthebasement’ is one of his most profilic commenters and one of his most adoring female groupies. When one considers that Futrelle is the yardstick of her own standards in men, then you can see about what her opinions of men are really worth. LOL

    • LOL I am not a groupie. And I don’t really know Futrelle well enough to use him as a yardstick. But I will admit my comment was mean and I shouldn’t have said it.

  2. Fembot, this post is here only because Futrelle has shown himself to be a dishonest asshole. He allows much more extremist views on his blog but has banned me even after I explained what happened to him in much detail. It was obviously a login issue as I’ve posted some comments on Eivind Berge thread using my other nickname before that. At one point I had two approved and that supposedly defamatory nickname kept appearing when I wanted to comment so I just used that one. Even then I didn’t try to defame anybody. He could have just deleted that nickname and left the other one but he chose to ban both.

    It’s true that he has a right to ban anybody from his site for any reason but I also have the right to say what really happened.

    I, for one, think his blog does serve a useful purpose and I don’t have anything against ManBoobz, just the person running it.

  3. David Futrell is renowned to be dishonests to the point that even feminists disowned him. Furthermore he debated like a toddler with Paul Elam his citations were biased and when called out on it, he couldnt provide a better source so he abruptly left fuming. That is the kind of man he is and his intellectual dishonesty will forever be recorded in the annals of the internet.

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