What is involuntary celibacy and why the need for help?

I consider involuntary celibacy to be the inablity to obtain romantic relationship or sex for 6 months or more.

Online communities for involuntary celibates ( which I will discuss later, as I have formed a certain opinion about every of them) make the following definitions

Love-shy.com: What is involuntary celibacy (incel?) 
Short answer: It’s datelessness! It’s romantic inexperience, and extreme difficulty forming romantic relationships.

Incel Support: Involuntary celibacy (or incel) is the state of a person who has not established an intimate relationship or engaged in sexual intercourse for reasons other than voluntary celibacy or sexual abstinence. The term is used especially for adults who, despite general expectations, have had little to no sexual or romantic experience.

Consequences of being unable to find a romantic partner or gain any sexual experiences vary from plain grumpiness to suicide and even worse – murder suicides. I’ve seen three suicides happen due to involuntary celibacy. A famous example of a murder suicide due to involuntary celibacy is George Sodini.

One thing I noticed and will write about more later is that these view isn’t politically correct. It is much easier to say “he was depressed” or he “he would be better off with some counseling” than admit that voluntary celibacy is a problem. What makes this nonsensical line of thinking worse is that plenty of men who are involuntary celibate themselves have low sex drives and don’t see it as that big of a problem.Women are also less likely to think of it as a problem since most women have a wide variety of options, with men  being expected to be the pursuers.

The unpleasant fact is that involuntary celibacy is a problem of it’s own and that while depression can be caused by it simply treating depression in a person who is truly bothered by incel is like treating fever in a cancer patient – it will not remove the root cause.

On the other hand, there are plenty of men and women with diagnoses of clinical depression who are in relationships.

Don’t believe the lies about involuntary celibacy being a normal state or that it is caused by depression. I am convinced that if everybody was made involuntary celibate for 5 years this world would be a very dangerous place. Involuntary celibacy is dangerous and needs to be resolved.